Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sara's Spectacular Shopping Days

OK everyone, I'm so darned proud of my recent shopping endeavors that you all need to read about them.

This will be HIGHLY boring for all my trusty camp counselor readers. But all you married women, enjoy. Mostly Shosh, who is my trusty partner in crime.

Ready? Set? OK here we go...


Jewel is running a promo-buy $30 in P&G products, get $15 in catalina coupons for a future purpose, plus if you spend $25 in baby products you get another $5-for a total of $20 in catalinas.

Yesterday, I bought like 8 boxes of Gushers (pushover mom that I am), 2 packs of wipes, a bottle of Pantene, and a bottle of Dawn. Paid $26 (after coupons), got $15.

Today, bought 6 packs of wipes, got it down to $29 with coupons (wipes have bad coupons), used my $15 from yesterday, so I paid $16 out of pocket (tax was $3!!) and got back $20 in catalinas. In other words, today, Jewel paid me $4 to buy 6 packages of wipes. Which I would have bought anyway.


Remember my $10 gift card that I got for my antibiotic purchase (which btw cost me $4)so I used it tonight.

I bought:

4 bottles of Suave shampoo (2 on sale for $.89, 2 for $1.77)
2 Johnsons Buddies Soaps ($.97 each)
1 20 ct Electrosol tabs ($3.25)
1 Eye Drop for Dovi ($10.49-ouch!-hidden cost of Dovi again...)

2 $.75/2 Suave shampoos
2 $1/1 Johnsons coupons
1 $2.50/1 Electrosol coupon
1 $1.50 Genteal coupon
$10 gift card

I paid $4 out of pocket!
Not bad considering that Dovi needs eye drops...

WALGREENS (now this is the awesome part...)

OK I transferred a prescription there because I wanted to take advantage of the $25 gift card offer with a transferred prescription. Do this. Often. I got $25 at CVS last month.

So I paid $10 for my prescription that I needed anyway and got $25 to spend. Yay.

First I bought:

2 Maalox tabs, on sale $2/10 and get a $5 catalina coupon toward your next purchase.
I had a $4/2 coupon. The lovely cashier was like "Ooh ooh I have a $3 coupon here! Let's see if it works". It did. I paid $3.23 on my gift card and got back $5.

Then I bought:

6 Quaker instant oatmeals (Shana's favorite breakfast) @ $1.99 each
6 Hunts tomato sauces @ $1/3
4 boxes of tissues @ $.89 each
1 Revlon eye shadow @4.99
1 Garnier shampoo @ $.99
2 Garnier gels (for Benjie's luscious locks) @ $.99 each
2 boxes of Splenda @ $2.99 each
4 Reeses's Whipps bars @ $1/2
1 Electrosol @ $3.49

I used the following coupons:

6 $1 Quaker
2 $1/3 Hunts
1 $1 Revlon
3 $1 Garnier
2 $3 Splenda
2 $1/2 Reeses Whipps
1 $2.50 Electrosol

Total paid on my gift card? $11.98. Of which I will get back $8.50 from Walgreens mail in rebates for the eye shadow and the Electrosol. So let's say I spent $3.50.

Then I went back again and bought

6 more Hunts
4 more Garnier shampoos
2 more Splendas

used same coupons, paid $1.32 on the gift card. That was less than tax!

So yes, Amy, mock me. But Shana is set for her oatmeal for the next few months. And it was free.

Speaking of which I need to find another Walgreens with the oatmeal in stock so I can get 3 boxes for $1 (I have 3 more $1 off coupons, and I got a catalina for another $2/3 boxes...)

And I still have $8 left on my gift card!

I'm a little pleased.


elisha said...

you are inspiring!! this coupon stuff is addictive- i am still learning how to do it all.

Shosh said...


Nahum and Rebecca said...

What's catalina?

Estie said...

I am in awe.

Mom said...

I bow to the master!
If you remind us we will save our coupons from the Sunday paper for you.

Anonymous said...

omg, My mouth is wide open!! Where did you get all the coupons, the circulars?? Can I do an apprenticeship with you?

Risa said...

I also want to sign up for coupon classes! And I also want to know what a catalina is!

See I went to Jewel and saw that promotion for the P&G products, but I couldn't figure out how it could actually save me money. I just saw myself buying things that were not on my shopping list.

Amy (3 Peas) said...

You could seriously make a career out of coupon/discount shoppping...... :)

You're probably ashamed of I don't think I've actually used a coupon in over a year. GASP! Can we still be friends???? :D