Thursday, October 1, 2009

In Which Shana Throws Me Under the Bus

So I've blogged in the past about little Miss Shana's puking habit. She actually did it the morning of my father's funeral.

And again today.

But today she did it with style and pep.

This morning, she told me she was really tired. Well, that made sense because she didn't fall asleep last night until about 9 pm. Due to the misplacement of a certain small pink elephant by the name of Pinkie.

So when she was tired this morning, I didn't really think much of it, asked her if she felt ok, if her tummy hurt, and when she said no, fed her her oatmeal, helped her pack up her backpack, and popped her in carpool.

Don't worry, she didn't puke in the carpool car.

She puked on the floor of school.

Actually in the middle of the hallway.

Luckily, she was not phased.

However, when the school office called me, this is what they told me:

"Shana threw up. She's here in the office waiting for you to come and get her. She told us that she told you she was cold and her stomach hurt this morning but you told her to go to school anyway"


Little stinker. I most certainly DID NOT send that child to school after she told me she felt sick. I sent her to school after she told me she felt fine. She NEVER, ever told me she was cold. or her tummy hurt. Stinker. Stinker. Stinker.

I could not believe how she threw me under the bus. After she threw up on the floor. (Ooh funny pun. I'm pretty funny that way.)

Thank G-d for my amazing friend Michelle who picked her up from school for me-I was stuck downtown at a meeting and she watched Shana for 45 minutes until I could get home. Thank you Michelle!!!

And by the way, she was totally fine the rest of the day. Ran a few errands, ate asparagus for dinner. All is well.

But here's the question: Do we pursue this more? It's seriously not normal that she pukes like this. We have not been able to figure out any connections between the puking and ANYTHING.


Orah said...

You know how legal testimony of children can not always be trusted, because they ask children leading questions? I am pretty sure that is how it goes in the school office. The same thing happened with So last year. I think they sit the kid down and ask, "So is it possible you were not feeling well this morning?"
"Yes, that is possible."
"Could it be your Mommy hoped you would be better and just sent you to school?"
"Yes, my negligent, uncaring mother sent me to school anyway."

Puking can happen for SO MANY reasons, it almost seems that if EVERYTHING Else about Shana is totally fine and healthy, maybe she will just outgrow it. But if you have not yet mentioned it to the Ped. you should at least have it on record and so long as it does not escalate, just watch it...

Anonymous said...

hi my name Is April and my son Jordan went to camp Simcha special with dovi. jordan used to throw up alot, for no reason we figured out after a test that he has acid reflux. maybe your daughter has this it is control by meds.have a good day.

Rach said...

That is a hilarious story. I think all kids throw their parents under the bus.
And, I can't eat asparagus on a good stomach! :)

FunkyFrum said...

My husband used to do that as a kid. And they thought he had an anxiety thing. Turned out he was allergic to something they put in fat free/skim milk products and it was makign him sick. Go fig.
Hope she feels better!

Anonymous said...

(So I know I'm the family annoyance for this one, but...)
Did you ever get her the anti-tTG and the IgA- EMA test?
- Tamar C

Rocheyl said...

The first time I rode the bus everyday was when I started camp the summer before kindergarden. I threw up everyday on that bus.. They tried everything including feeding me breakfast when I got to camp but nothing help. When I started school in the fall my mom informed the principal of my problem and asked abotu me eating breakfast at school.. The principal suggested rewarding me for not throwing up.. Everyday for the frist week of school I went to her office for a prize and after that I was miraculously healed... Mind you I was 5 and no memory of this and can't throw up on command now I guess as I little kid I had a skill for getting attention....

If there is no medical reason for her puking you might want to reward her for not puking and see what happens..