Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Truth About the Cat Treats

OK, OK, I'll fess up.

Here's the story about the cat treats.

As Orah figured, it had to be some type of money making scheme. Why else would I be buying treats for animals (dogs as well as cats!) that I do not own? Seriously. I'm not that insane. Well ok I sort of am. I did buy cat and dog treats.

But here's the story. This week at Jewel (well it ends tonight) is the ever lovely "spend $10 get $3 off instantly" promotion. For every $10 in participating products that you buy, you get $3 off instantly at checkout. And the deal stacks-which means that you can buy $20 of participating products and get $6 off, $30 and get $9 off, and so on and so forth.


I can't believe I'm spelling this out for you, I'm embarrassing myself with my insanity.

The cat and dog treats are included. The dog treats are $2.50 and the cat treats are $2.00. But after the discount, the dog treats are $1.75 and the cat treats are $1.40. And, like Orah hypothesized, there are $2.00 coupons out for these items. Which scan at $2.00, even though, after the instant, I only "paid" $1.75 and $1.60 for the items. So for each box that I bought, I got either $.60 or $.25 cents in "overage" towards the other items that I bought.

And here's how it gets even better-on the back of those little cat treat packages are little survey cards-for a $10 gift card!

Let me tell you, those little coins add up.

In the past week, let me tell you what I've gotten during this loverly sale:

36 boxes pasta

21 boxes dunkin hines mixes

10 boxes chewy granola bars (different sale but all bought together)

12 boxes instant oatmeal

4 large canisters quick oats

4 bottles syrup

10 boxes Life cereal

2 4 pound packages sugar

4 4 packs of yo-crunch

4 bags cat treats (hee hee)

8 boxes dog treats (hee hee again)

3 boxes horizon yogurt tubes

2 bags pretzels

2 bottles soda

And I have paid a whopping $45 ($35 after you take into account my expected gift card!) for it all. That averages out to about $.40 ($.30) per item.

So there. Mock my cat treats.

They got me lots and lots of almost free food.


Shosh said...

im not mocking you. but I am about to go into the basement and find my 7 bags of cat treats and fill out the gift card info. :)
although my dare is still one....just try one! just one! how bad can it be? D ate dog food once and he seems to be okay....

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

Well that makes total sense now that you've explained it. I'm sure you will make someone you know with a pet or the humane society very happy with all your free pet snacks. You gotta make money somewhere...might as well be at the grocery store!

Rayli said...

that is crazy! can you and shosh teach couponing 101 because I just spent $269 at Target.

Anonymous said...

Too funny. But now the question is what are you going to do with all the cat/dog treats?

Elisha said...

there were coupons for horizon yogurt? i missed that!! you got a good haul!! and thanks for being my inspiration (along with shosh)

FunkyFrum said...

I went and made you proud today and bought 18 YoCrunch yogurts for 3.00. And then I promptly donated them.

Rach said...

i love you, just wanted to say that

Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised that you got 100% on your biology quiz...this is genius in the works!

Now if only Obama would hire you to help get us out of the recession, I have no doubt that the financial crisis will be over in no time (even if we have to celebrate while buried in cat food!)

I am impressed,

chaviva said...

I agree with Ahuva completely.
I just want to know when you figure all this stuff out. Alls I know is I wanted to go to Jewel all week this week and the time has just slipped away without a shopping trip. Now, I'm left feeling guilty that I didn't save money when I could've.

Yehudit said...

Sara - you are truly a master - but it is a bit scary - can't u turn this into a proffession?

Avigayil said...

This is so cool, now you can sell the treats on ebay and make even more money!

Gila said...


DESJ and Company said...

OY! $269? Come hang with me and Shosh. We'll show you the light.
Ahuva-I'm happy with my grades this week too-I better have done well-I studied my tushie off!
Chaviva-I read lots and lots of thrifty blogs. They really spell it out-I'm just a big copycat.

Oh and Elisha-I went to that Dominicks tonight. Got 15 boxes bagelfuls, 2 bottles rice vinegar, and 1 bottle eye drops for Dovi. For $3.11. Woohoo!

elisha said...

wow, you must have had some awesome coupons!! yay you!!! I got some rice vinegar too. my kids don't like the bagelfuls or I would have gotten those too!

agent99 said...

The pugs are wondering where those treats are? They request that you stick with dog treats Cats treats, well, stink.
We can pick them up Wednesday......
And I agree with Ahuva. You know what happened to that crazy $5 Dinner lady.....