Monday, October 5, 2009

Won Ton Love

I've come to a conclusion:

Dovi loves him some fried food.

Remember the french fry?

Well we always knew that the Dov man loved another. He was not loyal to just the french fry. He has another love.

The Won Ton

Over the two days of Sukkos, Dovi ate approximately his body weight in fried chickeny won tonny wrappery goodness.

While my entire family loves them, I have always been petrified of making won tons. Something about the individual wrapping of little cubes of chicken gave me hives. Maybe it was the multiple steps involved. Or the fear of all the work and the wrapper opening during the frying process. Or standing over a vat of oil deep frying. Whatever the cause, I had managed twelve years of marriage with nary a won ton in sight in my house. I mooched many a won. But never actually made a ton.

So....when my father was diagnosed, he sent my brother David and I to start cleaning out his apartment. He told us to clean out the fridge. One of the items in the fridge was an innocent package of won ton wrappers. Upon inquiry, my dad told me (a) to take them please and (b) that he was planning on making homemade ravioli with them. For those who don't know, my dad was a gourmet cook. My mother spent many a holiday butterflying lamb shanks (whatever that means...). I told him that I wasn't going to make ravioli (although that does sound rather tasty. Might have to google "ravioli with won ton wrappers" and find a recipe), but I was going to make Dovi his ever favorite won tons.

So I took the wrappers and tossed them in my freezer. Made the chicken, marinated it over night, and psyched myself up for the great assembly.

I was shocked.

It was not hard AT ALL.

Not one won opened.

I served them the first night on Sukkos. Yes. I have a Sukkah. And because I am too darned lazy to take a picture of it, I'm linking to a picture I put LAST year of our Sukkah. It looks essentially the same. Decorations are in slightly different places, but that's it. Click here and enjoy!

Dovi was enraptured. He ate about 15 won tons until we cut him off. Yes, his won ton suppliers cut him off.

But then, like all good dealers, we hooked him up again the next night when we ate the leftovers from the night before.

And THEN, when we went to friends for lunch the next day, our friend remembered his love for the ton from last year. So she made him a batch.

Not only did he eat about 10 at lunch, but he managed to scam the remainder in a little tinfoil packet for later (it involved hugs and great cheering in the kitchen after lunch)

Last night, Benjie went in to hook Dovi up for his overnight feed.

Dovi woke up and saw what Benjie was doing.

He told Benjie "Abba, no tubies"

Benjie asked him "Why, Dovi?"

Dovi rubbed his tummy "All da won ton, Abba"

A little won ton overdose seems to have occurred.


Anonymous said...

now i need you to tell me how to make them for an appetizer next time dovi comes into NY. that, my cole slaw and my grandmother's noodle kugel and you will be rolling that boy home. tamar

Anonymous said...

Sooo cute! Ta would be proud.

Shosh said...

haha. awesome story!!

Anonymous said...

Yum! Wontons are great! I never thought of making ravioli out of wonton wrappers, though.

Miriam said...

Too funny!!!!

chaviva said...

very will you post the recipe please. you are making me want wontons now.