Monday, October 12, 2009

Exciting News

Well OK, all thing are relative. But this will be exciting news for some of my loyal readers.

I (well not me, my lovely BFF since the old days of high school, Keren) have found...

A new kosher yogurt.

Allow me a moment to explain.

I don't totally understand it, because I'm not a yogurt maker, but the majority of yogurts have gelatin in them. Gelatin, unless it's made by some lovely kosher company, is never kosher. So there are almost no yogurts that are kosher. Dannon vanilla, coffee, and lemon flavors, YoCrunch, and Stoneyfield Farms are basically the only not "kosher brand" yogurts that are kosher.

Until now.

Keren called me about the exciting news.

Aldi now carries a kosher (O-U!) yogurt. And get this-it's really good! There are four flavors: Lime, Strawberry, Peach, and Cherry.

I know that many of you are completely perplexed by my bizarre excitement. But others of you are putting on coats and shoes and getting ready to run to Aldi right this moment. Just go with it.

But I haven't even gotten to the most exciting part of this.

Remember, Aldi is a discount grocery store.

So the yogurt costs....


Yes, thirty seven cents a cup.

Be still my thrifty beating heart.

My kids love it. I love it. BENJIE loves it.

And when I go and buy the yogurt, I also go and buy $1.49 milk. Woah.

Last week, I wanted to stock up on some more yogurty goodness. So I will bring you thestoryinwhichsaraisadirectionalidiot.

I noticed while at school on Thursday that there were lots of people walking around by my school with Aldi bags. So logic would dictate that there was an Aldi nearby. So I called Benjie and asked him to go on the Aldi website (yes, I am one of the few people left in the world without a Blackberry.) and find me the store. He tells me that there is one like .15 miles south of school, on Broadway (I park on Broadway every day). I'm perplexed-how is it possible that I haven't noticed the Aldi when I park approximately .15 miles from school on that very street, every day?

Well after school, it was raining, and I was parked .15 miles north on Broadway. So I decided to have Benjie mapquest me over to Aldi. He did. I followed his directions.

It seems that the Aldi was the very building that I park in front of almost every day. But the sign was on other side of the building so I had no clue that it was Aldi.

OK it's not as funny as I type it. But trust me. It was absolutely hysterical while I was on the phone with Benjie.

Whatever. Go to Aldi and buy some yummy cheap yogurt. And pick up your milk while you're at it.


Shosh said...

further excitement....isnt the strawberry flavor actually strawberry CHEESECAKE? ever since i told my kids about it they've been begging me to go to Aldi. That may just be our activity for the day.

Elisha said...

I feel your excitement!! I might just make a trip there. Also, give me the info about the jewel deals!! please?

Anonymous said...

Brown Cow is also a delicious yogurt brand and is kosher, its right next to Stoneyfield Farms at Jewel (and priced around the same) and La Yogurt is awesome but not carried by Jewel- I'm trying to locate it in Chicago

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm a big fan of the La Yogurts. They're actually the only yogurts I eat. But I don't live in Chicago, so I don't know if you can get them there.

agent99 said...

Hon - there is an Aldi on Oakton just west of the Swift trax. South of Craft Beaver Hardware.... Like 4 mins from Arie Crown - OK?

Yehudit said...

see - the nice thing about living in Israel is that ALLLLL the yogurts are kosher (and a good percentage are even mehadrin). We got lemon, cherry, blueberry, strawberry, chooclate vanilla, low fat, fat free, extra fat you name it. - Jealous?