Thursday, October 29, 2009

It would've helped to just find out

the cause of the squeaky, icky noise my van was making. (

(Alternate title: How Sara is an Idiot)

Well, I sorta knew. Back in March (yes, March) I got some work done on my van at a mechanic, not a dealer. Regular maintenance-new belts, etc. No big deal. In about May, it started making a squeaky noise. Kind of a squeal when you started the van, and every so often as you were driving, this awful, fingernails on a chalkboard squeak would happen for about 3 seconds, then stop.

So I took it to my dealer, because I have an extended warranty. They told me that it was from the belts my mechanic put in, they could change them for $180, but it was just an annoying sound, it wasn't anything wrong. I decided to keep my $180 and ignore the sound.

And ignore I did.

From May until October.

Around mid-July, I started getting concerned that my ignoring the sound was going to cause some real damage to my beloved Sienna.

Continued ignoring. Did not want to pay money. Was afraid now that real damage had occurred and would cost much more than $180

FINALLY took the van to the mechanic on Monday.

"Oh, we need to tighten the belt."

Took about 20 minutes.

No charge.

I'm an idiot. I've been driving a sqeaky, rebbe-mobile for six months.

For no good reason.


Rach said...

thats hilarious! i know, i also avoid things that may cost a lot of money as well. I am currently avoiding a $1400 dollar repair on my Sienna.
And Sara, we're bonded today- because I got yelled at by the same lady that you did at the same store and I hated her as well, sigh.

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

My van has squeaked on and off (mostly on) for so long that sometimes I don't even notice it any more. Unfortunately for me, I have an ongoing serpentine belt problem that has caused my mechanic more money than me. Let's just say that since *I* paid to have it replaced in Feb of 08, the mechanic has paid to have it replaced about 10 no cost to me. This would be because in heavy rain it would just fall off my van. Yep, driving along the highway it would fall off and no amount of pulling and prying would get it back over all those different pulleys and such.
Now my kids just know when I'm coming because you can hear my van from about a mile away.
I'm glad yours was such an easy fix!

Anonymous said...

Sara, you got yelled at in a store today? Was it over coupons, perhaps? Please let us know. Turns out that this couponing thing isn't the easiest thing around. Please share!

David Brand

Shira said...

We have a strange noise coming from the dashboard of our car too. I've been driving around with it for about two months now. Maybe I should just take it in? It's a lot easier to just ignore it though...

Shosh said...

once i had a noise in the engine of my car. turned out that a squirrel had made his home there.....

and DB couponing is a VERY risky, dangerous sport!

DESJ and Company said...

There's a great deal on tissues. And the checker didn't share my excitement. She was a you-know-what. No worries. I have 90 free boxes in my basement!

You need a thick skin and good knowledge of what you're doing to coupon heavily-often the checkers act like they're paying for the coupons out of their own money.

Anonymous said...

Sara -

Where's the tissues sale?!?! How'd I miss free tissues?

Btw, did you see the free tuna one? :)

Oh, and free Reese's at Jewel.

And I never understand why cashiers act like every coupon = a knife plunged through their heart. A cashier told me tonite that i couldn't use a coupon for cake mix because it says for any general mills product. I pointed to the general mills logo as an answer.