Thursday, October 22, 2009

Like a Kid in a Candy Store

I really need to blog more about the funny things my funny little kids do.

Because they really are quite entertaining.

As you all know, there is a holiday at the end of this month that we do not celebrate, but involves much candy consumption.

Much candy consumption means much cheap candy. Much cheap candy means much cheap candy purchased by Sara.

So this past week I purchased 8 bags of Hersheys yumminess. (For about $1. Total. At CVS).

I had it on the floor in front of the basement stairs-that's my universal "I bought this food please go shlep it down to the scary slasher basement and dump it near the grocery store food storage and I'll find a place to shove it" message to Benjie.

But before Benjie came home, the kids did. And that Elisha is one nosy little guy. He found the candy. His face lit up. I mean glowing.

"What is this?"

"What do you think it is?"

"Is it for us?"



I told him that after dinner, if he finished his book report nicely (yes, they are in second grade and doing book reports. So help me. While we were in Dovi's therapy clinic today and doing homework in the waiting room one of the other moms was laughing her head off at me and the kids doing homework. If it wasn't me struggling through it it would have been rather amusing) and took his shower, yes, he could have some candy.

He proceeded to artfully arrange the candy bags on the floor in preparation.

Here is the candy which I purchased.

Hersheys Cookies and Cream bars
Kit Kats
Take 5 (have you had them? Chocolate. With caramel and pretzels. OMG divine)
Reeses Pieces
Hersheys with Almonds
Reeses Fast Break

Heaven. In our house.

Extra points if you can match the proper kid with the proper chocolate product selected.

Extra points if you go to CVS and do a similar deal.

Negative points if you show up at my house and take my candy.


Elisha said...

tell us how you did the deal!! there is a $2/1 nestle bag coupon floating around out there.

Rayli said...

yes sara.... share the secret with us! actually don't. I don't want chocolate in my house.

Oh, I gave you an award on my blog fun!

Anonymous said...

isn't it nice when we can make them happy by doing so little? tamar

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

I didn't make out nearly as well as you but I picked up 5 bags of Reeses cups for .90 cents a piece. I, on the other hand, hid them so my kids didn't finish them off before that end of the month holiday!