Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cute things my kids have said

In the past.

When Elisha, Shana, and Jacob were little, I did not keep baby books. Instead, I kept two things. Baby Boxes and Toddler Notebooks.

Baby Boxes are little boxes where I tossed all their meaningful papers and stuff. The stuff from the NICU, papers from pediatrician visits, birthday cards, and the like. With three itty bitties to deal with, baby books were not in the cards.

Toddler Notebooks were little notebooks in which I wrote the funny things they said. And let me tell you, they said some funny things...

I hereby bring you...

funny little things said by funny little kids...

  1. "I wanna see the bunder"...
  2. "We went to Baby Country' (Chicagoans know where this is!)
  3. "Where's the fly sweater?"
  4. "I have a boo boo. I need a headband"
  5. "I like my paci. It is red. I like it in my mouth"
  6. "I was thinking of dirt. I digged"
  7. "That cloud looks like a lawnmower"
  8. "And I have three more things to tell you. I love you. How many phones are there at the cell phone store? Let's have a slllooooow hug"
  9. "My mouth is a kind of a bouncy cave. Because my tongue is in it. How dark is it in my mouth?"
  10. "Why are the Golden Grahams not gold?"
  11. "I want a bagel with pop machines' (anyone know what those are???!)
  12. "Mommy, where is Calcutta?" (huh?)
  13. 'Fishy, you cannot wear my pink shoes. Not today, not right now"
  14. "Moosie is a giant. A giant of the ABCs"
  15. "Don't worry, Mommy. I am the girl who helps"
  16. "Princesses DON'T clean up" (well that's not what you said before, Miss Shan)
  17. "On Yom Kippur the grown up don't eat. They rush" (get it? Fast? Rush? she's too cute!)
Those are some cute little stinkers.

Extra points for those who guess who said what...


Miriam said...

Sara- I remember another one that they said- I was with you in the van one time with the kids and a cute little voice from the back said. "ooooh, look at all those sprinkiling lights!" (The street lights were coming on- it was getting dark) And also, "Mommy look, the pickles are swimming!!"

Shosh said...

#17 is hysterical

Anonymous said...

How could you forget Shana asking in her cute voice for -- orgins!!!!


Anonymous said...

#11 - pop machines are poppyseeds
#12 - are you sure he/she was asking for calcutta and not a calculator?

just some guesses based on experience with baby talk -

Rayli said...

I like #8

Brie said...

#4 and #9 are my favorites! they sound so cute!