Thursday, September 24, 2009

And you all mock my couponing.

Amazing lessons can be taught to your children, all through the magic of coupons.

This actually happened back in August but I forgot to blog about it then. So I will now. It's my blog. I can blog in non chronological order if I want to. So there.

One week this summer, the couponing G-ds aligned and there was a money making deal on Dannon yogurt. It involved coupon blinkies, multiple stores, and multiple trips to said stores, and much rolling of catalinas.

Being the insane couponing geek thrifty chick that I am, I took major advantage of said deal. To the tune of about 50 32 oz tubs of Dannon yogurt. Now I like yogurt, and my kids like yogurt, and Benjie hates yogurt , but even I could not eat 50 tubs of yogurt. I DID freeze a bunch in free Hefty One Zip bags, but STILL! it was excessive. Why did I buy so much yogurt that I did not need? Well the yogurt "paid" for lots of other stuff. Don't ask. It's complicated.

So I taught my kids a thing or two about food pantries. We loaded up the van with about 40 tubs of yogurt and some other assorted goodies and off we went to the local food pantry. My kids were AMAZED that some people don't have money for food (maybe that's because they see my insane grocery store stockpile in my basement). They couldn't get over that people need to go to the food pantry to feed their families.

We met the people who run the food pantry and gave them the yogurt.

Then one woman who works there (who happens to be Shosh's mother!) gave us a tour of all the other services they have there. My kids saw the free medical clinic, the free pharmacy, dentist's office, eye doctor's, and glasses "store". They were amazed. They really and truly could not wrap their little minds around the concept.

Now my kids know all about charity. It's a big concept in Judaism (as it is in many faiths) to give to those who are not as fortunate. But going to the food pantry made it real for them-they saw up close and personal what a less fortunate person might need.

So ahem, all ye of little faith in the power of the coupon. Much good can come from my madness those little pieces of paper.

They were so excited that they had helped. It was one of those "I'm an awesome mom" moments. Unlike today on the way home from Dovi's PT. Those little suckers were none too enjoyable.

But they like sushi. Just sayin'.

(Yes, of course I made the sushi. Would I ever spend $6.99 on a freaking California roll for those little clowns? I think not. And I made about 8 full rolls for under $10. It's REALLY easy peasy, I promise. Maybe I'll do Sara's Sushi for Lazy People if anyone is interested.)


Anonymous said...

Really nice story!
And yes, I would totally be interested in Sara's Sushi for Lazy People!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great lesson you taught the kidlets! I am so proud of all of you. Love, Mommy

Shosh said...

that sounds like an awesome blog post title. in fact, maybe you could do a whole series of "sara's ____ for lazy people" The possibilities are endless!

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

I am amazed that your kids will eat sushi. I can't even begin to imagine my children eating it...let alone enjoying it.
I love couponing but have gotten low on my coupon stores because of so many vacations this coupons to clip if I'm not around to get them.
Great lesson taught too. Sometimes it takes seeing something to really understand it. All of the kids schools have food drives throughout the year. So to prepare for them, when I am shopping and see great deals w/coupons on things we might not use but could donate I will pick them up. The kids think I'm crazy but maybe a trip to a food bank would help put it in perspective. Thanks for the great idea!

elisha said...

I emailed you some coupon questions so I am glad that you posted about this now so I could comment and it is on topic! It is wonderful that you donate food and the kids learned a super important lesson in this me,me,me world we have today. Oh, and making sushi is fun and my kids like to eat it too!

Rach said...

oh my- first of all- I am sad i missed the dannon deal

second of all- I have always wanted to know how to make sushi- so if you could teach us that would be awesome.

Miriam said...

I love that you took the kiddos to donate the yogurt and to see the act of tzeddaka first hand- awsome! Also- I would love the sushi recipe!

Shira said...

Yes please! Sushi making lesson!

DESJ and Company said...

OK chickies...I'll have to get all organized and make some-the clowns want it for dinner next week so let me see what I can do...maybe Tuesday.

elisha said...

i am not stalking you(maybe I should :)) but thank you, thank you!!! you are my coupon idol (along with Shosh) and my wallet thanks you as much as i do!! my goal is to go to the store and only buy things i have coupons for and are on sale but with a family I find that hard to do. Even so I saved soooo much money this week! anyway, thanks again, you are awesome!!