Monday, September 21, 2009

Covalent Bonds, Isomers, Glucose, and the like.

I am officially immersed in school. My darned teachers think that they need to give quizzes and tests in rapid succession. I feel like I've spent the past week and a half cramming like in a summer school session.

But on an up note, I seem to be doing all right in most of the quizzes and tests. I'm not sure why some of my classmates have a hard time studying-oh yeah-they need to go out and party. There's a girl in my class who is on her third try through Bio 121. Yes, her third try. And it's not like she's trying her darndest and just can't pass the class. Nope. She just doesn't study. Ummm then why the heck are you wasting time and money???? I suppose that it's not my problem.

On another good note, I found a Jewel about a block from my Monday/Wednesday school, and only need to find another one near my Tuesday/Thursday location, for optimum deal shopping. Speaking of which, 10 packages of Eggo waffles? $4.90 + tax. I'm the nicest mommy ever with the little cinnamon toast waffly thingies.

Tomorrow I have a quiz on Proteins and Carbohydrates. They are about as interesting as this blog post. Which is not at all.

So I'll change topics, thankfully, because I'm boring even myself here.

As most of you know (because most of you know me in real life), my hubby davens from the Amud (leads services) on Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur, so we don't go to our normal shul (temple). Last night, Benjie went to Maariv (evening services) at our normal shul. The Rabbi asked Benjie where he was over Rosh Hashanah. Benjie told him that he davens, etc. So the Rabbi asked Benjie if he was going to be at our shul for Yom Kippur. Benjie said no. So the Rabbi then asked if there was any way he could just come for Kol Nidre. Benjie asked why. The Rabbi responded that everyone really missed Dovi on Rosh Hashanah.

You see, Dovi has a job at shul. When the Torah is read, it is put on a large table called the Bimah. Various people stand around the table-on three sides. The fourth side is usually empty. Well Dovi has taken it upon himself to stand on a little chair at the fourth side. He helps open and close the Torah, and cover it, and holds the pointer. Everyone loves him. And he loves it.

He has totally charmed the entire congregation. And then some.

Why does that not surprise me?


Rach said...

that doesn't suprise me either :)

Shosh said...

why do i feel like my comments are always the same. they go like this.

chaviva said...

that is so beautiful.

Chani said...

he is too sweet KA"H!! Precious!! You must be receiving loads of Nachas!!

Anonymous said...

Adorable!(not the proteins and carbohydrates part)
Good luck with all your studying...

Miriam said...

Oh man Dovi is soo cute!!!

porushmom said...

Our Dovi is such a little Tzadik! He gets such joy out of doing things like this and he radiates that joy and gives it to others. I completely understand why Rabbi E. misses him on the Yomim Noraim.
As to school, I have great faith and confidence in you.

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

Sounds like you are having lots of fun with school! I am so glad it's you and not and I have never been on friendly terms. It must be so nice to hear that Dovi is missed when he's not around. I would say "how cute" but it seems that everyone else has taken that line already!

Anonymous said...

nu, are you going to be there for kol nidre? shweeeet!

i can so see binny doing the same...right now he's very invested in standing next to the person who is doing peticha (it's most entertaining when it's a guest and binny has to show them how to open the aron!)

good luck with school - i didn't even understand the title of your post but i'm happy to hear that you are doing so well (happy - but not surprised!). mazal tov on finding the jewel in the neighborhood!

TERRI said...

OMG Rephael does the same thing , they call him Gabbai Shlishi. I don't know what it is with our boys but they are SPECIAL !!!!!!

galiah said...

That is so amazing about the Rabbi asking for Dovi to come! What an incredible thing. I think this story qualifies for Chicken Soup for the Dovi-fans Soul...