Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Things Dovi Says WITH AN ADDITION (because Benjie remembered another one)

Dovi's now a tweenager. He's 11. Almost 12. And he's funny. He totally gets the whole "cool" vernacular of kids (did I just use the word vernacular? The fact that I'm back in school must have gone to my head. Speaking of which? 100 on my chemistry quiz. 8/10 in my bio quiz. Should have been 9/10 but I'm a dummy and converted something backwards. But my second bio quiz? Oy. The notes I got from the classes I missed? Well they were slightly missing...ummm... about 95% of the information on the quiz. So I'll be pleased as punch to get 3/10 on that sucker. Currently memorizing ions for my chemistry test tomorrow. Then I breathe).

Yet again I digress.

Back to Dovi and his extreme cuteness.

Dovi's favorite thing to say when he likes something?

"Sweeeeeeet". (more like "shweeeet") Maybe I should get him to say it on video and upload it. It's that good.

When he likes what we say...

"Good call!" or "Guh cah" (thanks Benjie for this one)

Last night he was trying to be sneaky and steal the remote from Benjie to turn the baseball game back on. He reached over very nonchalantly and tried to take the remote off Benjie's lap. Benjie stopped him.

Dovi's response?

"Then again...maybe not" we about peed our pants laughing at him.

When we tell him he can't do something or reprimand him?

"OK, OK, enough already!" who teaches him these things???

And when he really loves you? Arm around your neck, tiny little hand caressing your hair (mostly Benjie gets this a week at most)

"This guy here...he is my Abba"

Is Dovi possibly the cutest guy in the entire world?

Love him.


chaviva said...

so cute!

Shosh said...

smush. i love dovi. can you send him over?

Miriam said...

I seriously love that boy!!! I miss him- I don't see him nearly enough!!!

Anonymous said...

So cute! Definitely in the tween stage!

Mom said...

Don't forget the National Anthem! When Dovi came down the stairs singing it on Sunday I cracked up!

Miriam said...

Ok- I am seriously having Dovi withdrawl now!!! It is not acceptable!!!

Rach said...

oh my gosh, so cute, thanks for the smile this morning

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

What fun! Try to remember this when he becomes a teenager. It'll be hard to remember them ever being "cute" when they start mouthing off.

Benji said...

I miss Dovi!

elisha said...

super cute!!

Rocheyl said...

Ok so I just totally stayed up super late for the last 3 days reading ur WHOLE blog... I really enjoyed every bit of it. I have another one of these lovely jewish genetic diseases and I totally hear ya on the "unsurance" (ok so that was a typo, but it toally fits so I am leaving it mispelled) front.. What ever happened with his portable oxygen, did the insurance cover it??

Your kids are super cute!

Chasiva Vchasima Tovah
Rocheyl Simon
Youngstown, OH

DESJ and Company said...

Great to "meet" you! I'm glad you've been enjoying my loony universe blog...and YES! the insurance IS covering the oxygen thankyouverymuch!

Chani said...

Ya!I think so! Definitely the cutest!!!
I miss you guys! will have to come visit again - for good reasons this time.