Monday, September 14, 2009

I feel like

all I've been doing recently in my blog is kvetching (kvetching means complaining). I kvetch that my house is a mess. I kvetch that I have a lot to do. I whine. I complain.

And here I am, coming here AGAIN and kvetch about my house. But I suppose this is my blog and it's my darned right, right? On Sunday, Benjie and I went to Milwaukee and packed up and brought all my father's personal stuff. To my living room. Because, you see, as we got home last night, and Benjie started to shlep boxes (20 of them, if you must know, and about 6 large pieces of artwork. And a computer. And a wine fridge that is taller than Shana) to the basement, we discovered that our basement drain was backing up. Not flooding my basement making a terrifying mess, but making the floor a little wet.

So all the boxes are in my living room. As is the wine fridge.

So I need to kvetch more. Wow, my blog is just a barrel of laughs recently, huh?

We got the drain rodded out today. So we can take showers and run the dishwashers again. Now all the boxes need to get moved downstairs.

I have a terrifying list of things to do before Rosh HaShanah arrives. Luckily we're out for all the meals (I seriously don't know what I'd do otherwise).

But I have a list. And you all know that I believe that I can do anything with a list. I have my list of things to do. Shabbos shoes for Shan (Marshalls). Winter Shabbos dresses for Shan (I hear Zara is good this season). Sort out dress shirts for boys (climb into the attic and pull out the size 7 winter boxes). Move boxes to basement. Call shiva chair woman AGAIN (we've called every single day since shiva ended) to return the chairs that are in the middle of my living room. Take 2 biology quizzes, a chemistry quiz, and a chemistry test. All before Wednesday afternoon. Breathe. Deep cleansing breathes.

But I have to say that I am happy tonight.

I went to parent orienation tonight for ESJ. And I am the happiest woman ever. My kids have the best teachers for each of them that I could have ever imagined. Each of my kids have different personalities, different strengths and weaknesses. And each of their teachers is the perfect person to work with each of their personalities. I'm a happy person.

So it all works out. It always does. So we're fine.

I need to get all a-bloggy again. I need happy topics, peeps. Give me some ideas.


Shosh said...

Fruit water? Triaminic? Did you find your keys?

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

I don't have any...I'm fresh out. When you get some new ideas SHARE them with all of us so we can have some blog ideas too!

2Thinks said...

I understand about house mess. I've been posting a lot about house mess myself.

But Greg at Greg's General Store has a Happiness blog, I suppose you could go read that.

Best of luck for everything to become one sunny day for you over there in your corner of the world.

Heidi@2 Thinks to Share

Anonymous said...

give us some funny dovi stories. when you reminisce about life with dovi, we always end up smiling. love ya!!! tamar

Yehudit said...

Hey- miss you all
I loved talking to Dovi on the phone at mom's and abba's
give me a call some time

npl said...

Some things can't be put off, I know (I'm assuming getting the kids something to wear is pretty important, and the tests can't be postponed further), but please cut yourself some slack on the organization stuff - throw a sheet over the boxes to hide them. We have also been sorting out personal belongings (as well as paperwork, etc) after a bereavement. It takes emotional as well as physical energy, and taking it slow can really help!

Anonymous said...

I agree with npl who said to cut yourself some slack. You have been working like superwoman and under the circumstances, no one expects to find your house in pristine order. It is really okay if the boxes reside in a neat pile in the corner for a while (throwing a sheet over them is a great idea; how about a toile shower curtain?) And the advice to take your time looking through the boxes is very sound. Just to make you feel even better, there are still boxes from when Grandma Elfriede died over thirteen years ago that Uncle Jay and I have not gone through yet. So it's really, really okay if you don't get it all done in one hour!!!! Oh, and take care of yourself in the midst of all this also. I love you guys! Mommy