Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I've written in the past about what my normal is with Dovi.

Yesterday I picked up Dovi's meds from Target. You all know how I lurve Target pharmacy. Seriously. If you have medical needs that require prescriptions, I cannot stress enough my absolute adoration of the Target pharmacy. My only issue is that they are not 24 hours. Which is a problem when your nurse doesn't tell you that the valium is used up and it is Rosh HaShanah and you forget to walk to get it and only remember once they are closed when Rosh HaShanah ends and you have no valium in the morning. Don't know who that would have happened to. Just sayin'.

So I was unpacking Dovi's meds and as I was neatly stacking the 5 prescriptions that I picked up, it struck me how ridiculous my life is and how un-normal it is, but how normal it is for us. I had a virtual pharmacy of albuterol, pulmicort, valium, fludrocortisone, and clonidine all neatly arranged on my kitchen counter. Albuterol and pulmicort? Big boxes into the bathroom cabinet, individual packets one at a time into the side table in the den. Fludrocortisone? Kitchen cabinet. Valium and clonidine? Dovi's bedside table.

I started thinking about all the other hiding places I have for the equipment of the Dovi.

Feeding pump bags? Wicker basket on a kitchen shelf, of course.

Under bed drawer? Why that holds extra g-tubes!

Decorative box in Dovi's room? Diapers. Where else?

I try my darndest to hide all the stuff of Dovi. Because even though my house seems to function as a little mini hospital, does it need to look like that all the time?

So I try. I really do. And generally I think it works.

And my grrrr for the day? "member how I told you all that I won with the whole portable oxygen concentrator (Sequal) saga? And they WERE NOT going to charge my debit card? Well guess who was balancing her checking account and found a $200 charge? Why might you inquire, did I not notice a $200 charge? Well it was the day of my father's funeral. So there. Walgreens is getting a piece of MY mind at 8:00 am when they open. I expect that money back no later than 8:15. Will report in.

Oh and by the way...Bio quiz...aced that sucker. I think that unless my professor got all nitpicky and took off for something silly-I believe I got 10/10. But we'll see on Thursday...


Rach said...

wow Sara- it's past 8:15- so I'm waiting for the $200 update.
And way to go on the quiz- it's so crazy to be a student again no?

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

You are so organized! Great job...our house is never organized even without medical paraphernalia. Congrats on the quiz!

Stash Empress said...

Wow I'm impressed --- my living room *looks* like the fully stocked PICU that it is! Want to come & do a decorating makeover chez moi????? (I'll have to draw the line at crocheted O2 tank covers though... those babies are about as tall as I am... that's how ppl know they have the right addy -- the glimpse of humongous O2 tanks between the vertical blinds....) (which will guarantee you quite the most amazing turn out from the fire dept & various emergency services should you ever have to call them about a possible fire in said living room.... my neighbors will never forget....)