Thursday, September 17, 2009

Things I Currently Love.

  • My "new to me" Keurig. Thank you, Tati (my father) for this little toy. When we cleaned out his apartment on Sunday I brought this back with me. It's soooo fun. Still trying to figure out why it makes so much better coffee than my Mr. Coffee. I think it might be because the little pods are oh so cute and tiny. Now to find a source for cheap pods.
  • Fresh Figs. OMG these are so good. When my mom was here this summer she bought some and I rolled my eyes-what the heck are those weird looking little green fruits-and I hate dried figs so I figured they were icky. They are not. They are divine. I ate a pint in less than 24 hours.
  • The fact that I am done with all my chemistry and biology quizzes and tests. Until Tuesday. But at least I don't need to cram study until Monday.
  • All my wonderful family and friends who took pity on my pathetic self and invited me for ALL the Rosh HaShana meals. You saved me and my family from a sad pathetic meal of deli and chumus.
  • Zara. Yes, Shana will most probably match most of the girls in our neighborhood this winter, but thanks to my lovely personal shopper sister in law, Shana's winter dress clothes are taken care of.
  • The fact that my lovely other personal shopper friend Michelle picked up dress pants for Dovi. And they fit perfectly.
  • Food 4 Less: kosher tater tots. On sale. Perfection.
  • Dominicks: closing a store for remodeling, everything 50% off. $180 worth of stuff, most of which I can never get for awesome deals, for $60+ tax. Thank you Elisha for that.
  • The fact that when I said "Goodbye, Stinky" to a I thought she was stinky T in the Dominicks parking lot, she looked at me and said "Goodbye Skunk" (seriously-how does a not even two year old crack jokes like that????) Oh look! Shosh blogged about it too! She's much funnier than me.
  • My kids. They are cute. And funny.


Miriam said...

Which Dominicks is this???? How come I didn't know about this? =(

Anonymous said...

Love the Keurig, too! Try and for the pods- those are the cheapest I have found so far, especially when they have deals and clearance items (that should appeal to you!).
Shana tova to you and your family and hope you are doing well...

npl said...

Hoping the year to come brings many more reasons to be thankful!
Shana Tova!