Wednesday, February 4, 2009

When The Dovi is Sick

The Momma does organize.

I have told Benjie many a time-when the house is clean and organized, my heart is happy and peaceful.

Well my den has been a sty recently.

It seems that it was not enough of a sty to...ummm...get my butt off the couch in the evening to clean it. But it irked me. But I suffer form inertia in the evenings. And said intertia extends to my lack of desire to organize the scary slasher basement. It's so scary. And a disaster.

So yesterday, I was home with the fake strepalicious Dovi. And I am inspired to clean and organize in the daytime. is the toy/office closet before. Toys on shelves, home office in those lovely white file thingies on the bottom. Ahh the joys of your youngest(s) being 6 and understanding to not go in the files.

It makes me twitchy just looking at the disaster and precariously balanced piles of paper. A full view of the disaster

Aack. That's all I can say. Oh and Dovi? He stayed in his pjs all day. And watched Blues Clues (yes, he's 11. Shut up. He has FD. Blue makes him happy. Deal with it) no less than six of the eight hours we were home. In my defense, I did make him sit and read for ten minutes, and he played Wii for a while. But otherwise? What you see in the picture is what you get.

Oh by the way-do you like my red walls? Painted them myself. Took (I'm not joking here) FIVE coats of that red paint on top of tinted primer. The fugly paneling just sucked up that paint. And there are still places that it's not even. But remember? inertia? Obviously doesn't bug me enough to y'know, bring the paint can back up and deal with it.

And now....after THREE, yes THREE hours of cleaning/organizing. You see all the file drawers? Empty. I archived all 2008 into four banker boxes which are currently sitting at the door to the basement waiting for Benjie to shlep them down to the basement. Umm honey?




Look! Look how organized it is!! You know it was bad when your cleaning lady thanks you for cleaning it up.

Ahhh. Am happy. very happy. Cue the triumphant music. After the ingrateful hoodlums children got home from school I lectured them about how I had spent THREE HOURS cleaning up their toys and they'd darn better keep. it. neat. We'll see how long that lasts.

Oh and I wouldn't leave you without a craft. Looks pretty snazzy, no? I do like my little plaque-y guy I made with $2 of Dollar Tree stuff, some tissue paper, ribbon, paint, mod podge, and hot glue. Not bad if I might say so myself.


Miriam said...

Wow! Good for you! The toy closet/ office looks awsome!

Shosh said...

uch. i wish i didnt like you so much because me and my messy, uncrafty house really want to hate you. or at least we want you to come over on your next sick day. dovi can watch blues clues here......

Ms. Stephanie said...

I have evening inertia too! My problem starts when I sit. So I'm trying not to sit. I actually ate dinner standing up last night. Then I did laundry AND my taxes. I'm on to something. :D

elisha said...

I can totally relate to the inertia thing, after I put the kids to sleep I am DONE with the day. Except the mess in my house is all over not just the den! It looks like all your hard work paid off-it looks great.

Adena said...

Sara - Ezra was home all last week with a bad virus and we had a lot of Blues Clues watching too! It really must be an FD thing for 11 year olds. I agree if it makes them happy why fight it. Glad you got some organizing done. Hope Dovi went back to school today.

The Masked Mommy said...

Great job! But you already knew that. I know that you must feel so good to look at how organized it all is!

Rach said...

I brought my son (5 yr. old) with me to work yesterday and at the end of the day he said (your job is boring- all you do is talk to people, type on your computer, and eat all day!"
But I am green with envy over your closet. My brain doesn't have an "organize" setting- I am learning slowly though.

RN and OSHP said...

Wow, isn't it a great feeling to accomplish something like this! I did a big walk-in in our haouse last month and it makes me happy to open the door and look at it!

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

What a transformation!! Nice job!

~ Sarah

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Your plaque turned out so cute! I love it hanging from that hook.


p.s. Hope everyone is feeling better.

Astrid said...

I'm loving those red walls! So cheerful and bright and happy! Your closet looks amazing! Great job!

jenjen said...

Great closet. I love those little bins. It looks great. On a side note, your red room is fabulous!



Aunt Spicy said...

I love when my house is nice and organized the colors in your room are gorgeous! And your craft project, so very cute!