Friday, February 20, 2009

Oops! I haven't updated today!

Thank G-d, we're really on the upswing.

He did have a fever last night around 6pm and did go into crisis YET AGAIN, but he had a much better night overnight and has been watching six hours of Blues Clues continuously taking it easy today and is really feeling MUCH better.

He's SO happy right now-Aharon, his JCC counselor, just so happens to be in town this weekend and came over to visit. So they are playing Wii and Dovi is thrilled.

I ran away from home last night for half an hour and picked up our groceries for next week.

Some lovely friends picked up produce and meat for me yesterday so I was able to cook for Shabbos yesterday afternoon and not put it off until today. It always makes me nervous, when Dovi is sick, to put off ANYTHING until Friday. So luckily all was cooked when I ran away.

Today, I took advantage of my house arrest with Dovs and ironed about 4,000 dress shirts and ordered 15 pairs of Crocs for me and two other friends. For $80. For 15 pairs.

OK that's it for now!

Thank G-d he's really almost completely himself again.


Anonymous said...

ok, GREAT news about dovi...
and WHERE did you buy the crocs??
have a good, relaxing, restful, boring, ordinary shabbat!

DESJ and Company said...

the kids ones are 4.98 and adults (they only have mens left) are 9.98
But they're probably almost out now-if you want them, go soon-we did so many bc shipping is really expensive unless you spend $75-it took us 15 pairs to get up that high!