Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Payback's a You-Know-What

OK I am TOTALLY getting some karmic payback or something.

So you all know my ummm....ahem....recent new couponing insane madness hobby?

And how I was inappropriately pleased that Shana had strep the Monday before we left for Miami because her streppiness "bought" me a $30 gift card to CVS?

Well darn it, in the, what? five days? I've been home, I've been the lucky recipient of two more such gift cards.

Shana has strep again. She finished her antibiotics last Tuesday and was back at the pediatrician on Friday...sure enough, rapid strep test came back positive. Either (a) she never really got better or (b) there was another strep lurker in the house.

I'll give you one guess and the answer is not (b). I really didn't think anyone else had strep-no one was complaining of any illness whatsoever. Well, Dovi does have that pesky little Familial Dysautonomia that makes him all quirky and stinky breathy, but I thought nothing of it-he has that nasty canker sore in his mouth from his braces, remember?(know where this is going??)

So Benjie and I were commenting to each other that The Boy has had no appetite for a week or so now. We don't really pay too much attention, because, well, he is tube fed. I swear, there are some benefits to sick kids. No forcing food or medication down their throat. Just hook up the handy g-tube extension set and off we go.

But it was kind of odd that he had no appetite. So I posed the question of why does Dovi have no appetite? to my trusty parents on my various FD list serves that I frequent.

The general consensus was either (a) infection or (b) constipation. Well the D is definitely not constipated. Trust me.

Then I got to thinking.

Strep is in our house.

Strep is an infection.

Strep causes stinky breath.


So he got a culture tonight. I swear, I am The Strep Whisperer. That darned rapid test was a resounding negative. Then I looked at it. And saw that faint little line. And, much like you cannot be a little bit pregnant, you cannot be a little bit streppy.

So the D is on amoxicillin and tomorrow is my unplanned day off of work. I only work four days a week, so this isn't too tragic, but I do like to tell my boss before I leave work when I am taking off. Oh well, such is life. Email to him had to suffice.

So what's the bet? Who will be the next victim of the scrounge of strep that is winging its way through our house?

My bet's on Jacob.


Leesy said...

Argh! Strep is such a nightmare! It's one of those things I dread running through the house. Refuah shleimah to everyone and a quick farewell to the antibiotics!

Shosh said...

haha, your line about "just like you cant be a little bit pregnant" made me laugh.
and whatever, your coupons sooo did not cause this. coupons are wonderful. Lets go to CVS! Does Dovi want to come with?

agent99 said...

Heading to the doc later today - a bit too much wheeze in my coughs, even though I feel OK. So, uh, how do you get one of those nifty CVS gift cards?
Oh, and consider changing the kids toothbrushes.....duh, a breeding ground for the little buggers. My pediatrician mentioned this after several bouts of strep (thanks)
Hope everyone feels better soon,


Ms. Stephanie said...

You know I'm not happy that your kiddos are sick, but you also know I believe in karma :D

Next up: your kids will be allergic to cereal - mua ha ha.

Rach said...

don't kid about allergies, they're not fun!

Our houses are breeding grounds for sickness, it's horrible. I also never know when to take a symptom seriously or not.

We are starting to have a stomach bug go around the family and it stinks!

Enjoy your gift cards anyway though.

elisha said...

Hope everyone feels better!!

connie said...

You can buy a rapid strep test for home use? Where have I been? And I am so far behind in things that I can't figure out when you became a coupon queen or how you find those deals?

connie said...

Yeah, I know what a basement is, because I'm from CT and NY, but I'm living in TX now, so we don't have basements. If we did, they would be underground, heated pools, most of the year. At least that's what I hear.

So I'm still jealous. Now it's a beautiful pantry, AND a basement!