Saturday, February 7, 2009

Umm Remember

How my bets were on Jacob for the next to fall victim to the Great Strep Scrounge of 2009?

Well it might have been more useful to bet on both Jacob and Elisha.

Positive strep tests on Friday.

I got the idea that a strep test might be in order when Jacob vomited on me on Friday.

Yes, on my legs. He told me his tummy and throat hurt.

I said "Open your mouth so I can see if your throat is red"

He understood that as "Open your mouth and vomit an entire bag of Bissli all over the kitchen floor and Mommy's legs and feet"

Good thing I was wearing tights at the time.


Rach said...

uch gross, I hate throw up.

But thanks for the info because of your blog I am taking my daughter to have strep test after two days of high fevers and throwing up

this blog is so helpful!

Feel better Jacob and Elisha!

Aunt Spicy said...

Bless your kids hearts...I hope everyone starts to feel better soon!

elana said...

never a dull moment! refucah shelaima.

Stephanie said...

OMG - the things moms have to do. I give you extra points for not tossing your own cookies right there! Hope they're feeling better by now - the only good thing about strep is that they feel better after about 2 doses of abx.
Sending the immunity fairies to your house!

chaviva said...

My dtr. is allergic to dairy and it took a while for her allergy to be diagnosed...long story. But what that meant for me was lots of throw up all over me. all. the. time. It was very lovely. Anyway, refuah shleimah. What did mothers do before they invented antibiotics?