Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Latest

Dovi is sooooo much better.

We kinda sorta helped him along in the bathroom department, and he had his Dovi twinkle in his eye back by about 6pm. Assuming he sleeps well overnight and wakes up in good spirits in the morning we are cautiously optimistic about sending him back to school tomorrow.

Elisha is fine. He's had two doses of antibiotics already and will have one more in the morning and will hopefully go to school on time too.

Here's to hoping for a calm, quiet normal week in which I repaint my bathroom.

You know me. Dovi stress = home redecorating.

Anyone out there know how to remove nasty disgusting green circa 1955 bathroom vanities and install pedestal sinks? If you do and feel the burning desire to help out a stressed out mama, drop me a line :)

But barring someone coming to help me (K, if you're reading this, isn't Y just DYING to come over???), I hope to merely paint the tile and walls, which will start me on the way to ridding the bathroom of the scary green-ness. Trust me. It's not a nice green.

Here's to hoping, folks!

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