Monday, February 9, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Hmmmm it was actually a fairly boring week here in my house...but I'm sure I can pull some Not Me Nonsense out of my hat....

OK here we go:

It was not me! who was literally vomited ON my her six year old.

I did not thank my lucky stars that I have somewhat quick reflexes, thus avoiding him vomiting into my mouth. Which would have happened had I not jumped back.

It was not me who did NOT notice some vomit on her shoes that she had been wearing on the fateful Friday vomit.

I did not just put them down, walk away, and tell myself that I would deal with it later.

I am not considering just throwing away the shoes rather than wipe off the 3 specks of puke.

I do not think that I am focusing waaaay too much on the vomit incident.

It was not me! who told the pharmacist that, no, I did not want to pick up Elisha's prescription, only Jacob's. He did not look at me like I was a lunatic only getting one child's medication.

It was not me! who made my hubby go pick up Elisha's prescription from Dominicks today, after I'd gone to pick up Jacob's an hour prior.

It was not because I wanted to get a second Dominicks gift card to fully get all I could from the strep scrounge in my house.

It is not me who keeps using the word scrounge even though it is not the correct word.

My sister told me it's scourge or something but I think scrounge sounds better.

But I have no idea what the word scrounge means.

I did not take the "limit one gift card per person" very literally.

It was not me! who spent 15 minutes Sunday morning decoupaging file folders. What kind of lunatic decoupages FILE FOLDERS? Have I nothing better to do with my time?

It was also not me who did not do one darned thing on her to-do list on Sunday-reorganize the scary slasher basement, do paperwork.

I did not spend the majority of Sunday laying on the couch reading blogs.

Benjie did not just catch me reading my own blog.

And then he did not start dictating a Not Me! Monday post about it.

And he did not look over and see me writing these very words.


Kameron said...

I had 2 puking incidents myself this week. Unfortuantely it ended up on my shoes...which I didn't notice until I was already out and about. Yuck!

Rach said...

When D> told me she needed to throw up friday night- I literally pushed her out of bed and threw her into the bathroom so she could puke into the toilet- I only felt bad about that later.
I am hoping our strep will end with D., and I am enjoying being naive about it.

Stephanie said...

scrounge means to hunt around or pull together, like "let me scrounge around in my pantry for something to make for dinner."

your sister is right - scourge is the word - which is a nicer way of saying plague.

i just use cooties. i think it fits the bill for when something is traveling around our house.

lmashe81 said...

My husband so got threw-up on the other night and because he was asleep in landed in his eye! It was really gross

elisha said...

I am afraid to admit this publicly but we have never had strep in our house. We have had millions of reasons to have antibiotics (especially ear infections that never ever go away) but never a positive strep test. I hope everyone feels better soon!!

LeAnn said...

My son once had to puke in the middle of a restaurant so I let him puke IN MY PURSE...... and no one even seemed to notice..........

Anonymous said...

it's a strepademic.

DESJ and Company said...

In your purse? You are one awesome mommy!

joanofalltrades said...

I love NOT ME Monday! My sister's kids were puking all last week. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

NateAndJakesMom said...

Loved reading your post!