Thursday, February 5, 2009

All This Can Be Yours

For $8 Pretend Dollars

That would be:

8 Johnson's Buddies soaps for the ungrateful hoodlums kids
6 boxes of Kleenex (my only non-thrifty indulgence-the cube boxes of tissues. I know, Shosh. The insanity!!)
1 Kids Colgate Toothpaste
5 3 packs of Irish Spring Soap (only 4 are pictured because Benjie snagged one before I could get the picture)
1 travel pack Excedrin
3 bottles of Softsoap
L'Oreal Foundation
L'Oreal lip gloss
(close your eye, CSS guys) 2 packs...ahem...feminine care products
1 bottle eye drops for The Boy ($9 on its own!!)
2 Right Guard Deodorants for Benjie
1 large bottle Head and Shoulders
1 bottle Garnier shampoo
2 bottles Triaminic
2 boxes Johnson and Johnson's gauze pads with Neosporin built in
1 box Zucol cold lozenges
2 packages Revlon (or is it L'Oreal?) facial cleansing towelettes

And I say pretend because that money was paid with my gift card to CVS from the insane prescription filling madness in our house.

In the spirit of full disclosure I must say that I did pay $36 out of pocket at Walgreens. But I got back $10 towards a future purchase and will be getting back $32 in Mail In Rebates. So it's actually that Walgreens paid me $6 to take a bunch of stuff out of the store.

Don't all my free products look all happy and luxurious reclining on my bed? Oh let's look at them again. And revel in the fact that I actually made my bed this morning.


elisha said...

are the buddies soaps on sale-I have coupons and have been waiting to use them. Great haul!!

DESJ and Company said...

The buddies are always .97 at Target or WalMart-so with the $2/2 coupons that makes them free.

Shira said...

That's all I could focus on -- the beautifully made bed! Seriously though.

Rach said...

i'm in awe.....

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

I totally made my bed today too~ and my son is sick!

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Rocking deals!

Clair said...

I HEART WAGS big time!!!