Sunday, August 2, 2009

An Average Day in Camp Simcha Special
By: Raphi Bollag, Yoeli Zlotnick and Nachman Kalko (all single)

5:45 Dovi wakes Raphi up 15 minutes before the alarm
6:06 Fell back asleep

7:15 Dovi wakes up Raphi to tell him that bunkmate Eli has woken up, Raphi grunts at Dovi and they go back to sleep

8:25 Dovi wakes up (Raphi is Zzzzz...)

8:52 Dovi, Ezra and Ben play war, Dovi is a hustler and seems to enjoy leafing through his cards looking for those precious aces

9:11 Dovi and Ezra hug#1

9:25 Raphi decides to get out of bed

9:30 Raphi davens (prays) with minyan on porch while Dovi changes/does nebbies

10:00 Breakfast: counselors eat an assortment of pancakes, french toast, eggs, cereal, fruit, vegetables, hash browns, bread (with various spreads), orange juice, hot cocoa, coffee, muffins, and a variety of cheeses....Campers eat formula (G-tubes yeah!!!)

10:20 Raffle at breakfast, grand prize is an Apple Nano

10:29 Dovi and Ezra hug#16

10:45 Learning groups with Rabbi Wiggles (kids love it)!!! (Raphi showers, in bunkhouse)

11:30 First activity: Usually a surprise show such as the Jebali Acrobats (they were wearing umm interesting costumes), trampoline guys, improv show, drum guys, talent show, carnival, game show, helicopter etc.

1:00 Lunch: Dovi has bread and orders a special order of...guess it...yep your'e right...FRENCH FRIES!!! oh and he might nibble on the food of the day that's on the table and/or buffet :-)

1:03 Benji the photographer takes some action photos of Dovi, Ben and Ezra (Benji wanted to be mentioned in the blog...)

1:33 Dovi runs to Asher to give elbows

1:40 Camp Simcha Special mayham begins in the middle of the dining room, Dovi and Ezra pull moves from the Disco era on stage while holding on to a broken microphone

1:53 Dovi and Ezra hug #28

2:00 Swimming in pool [aka: push counselors in the pool and start a water fight with ice cold Dasani water (yes in Camp Simcha Special we need to find bottled water in order to have a water fight in a pool filled with water...)] OR boating at the lake

3:15 - 4:30 Workshops: Candle making, woodworking, mosaics, pottery, arts and crafts, leather, darkroom/photgraphy, fishing and rocketry

3:59 Dovi and Ezra hug #43

4:30-5:45 Workshops or possibly another surprise show

5:45-6:00 Dovi ponders the deep philosophies of life while playing with his num num

6:00 Supper: Once again Dovi eats bread and.....yep...FRENCH FRIES, and some table/buffet food

6:07 Dovi and Ezra hug #61

6:19 Dovi runs to Moses (his rotator) to give elbows

7:15 - 8:45 Night activity: usually a special activity

7:33 Check out DJ in his Superman costume, yep ladies he's still single!!! (DJ we call this revenge, oh and we are sorry you're no longer in our bunk...)

8:45 go back to bunk to do nebbies, set up feeding and pajamas

9:20 Bunk 13 pajama party to numa numa, crazy frog and other such camp songs

9:26 Dovi and Ezra hug #104

9:35 Sleep time (campers)

12:00 Sleep time (counselors)

All times are extremely flexible :-)
Bunk 13 Bargain Tips:
Sara is not the only one who is a bargain hunter, we at Camp Simcha Special also enjoy clipping coupons and organizing them in baseball albums while dreaming of the next big sale! Just check out our latest soda haul that we stored in our very own scary slasher basement.

Yes, that is 1,243 bottles of water, 482 bottles of vitamin water, and 2,082 cans of soda all for.........FREE. No, sorry ladies you can't have this, it was a limited time offer and involved many coupons, and Camp Simcha Special is no longer accepting online coupons. Beat that Sara!!

OK boys, I must admit that I am feeling very jealous of those large pallets of beverages. Have no fear...I have about 450 bottles of Dr. Pepper of my own to keep me warm at night :) Oh and about 400 million bottles of shampoo. No worries. When the bomb hits, we at Casa P will be clean and well hydrated.

One more note everyone...this post will have to be for today and tomorrow-I have a 7 am flight to go get Mr D from camp! I'll take lots of pics of my little love tomorrow. Let's all pray for on time flights and non explosive oxygen tanks.

And btw Raphi, I know CSS no longer takes online coupons-but will they take catalinas? (that's for you, Shosh!)


Molly C said...

Ummm, so Camp Simcha Special is where all the cute, single Jewish boys are hiding huh? Hook me up Sara!

Prayers for on time flights and no exploding o2 are coming your way!

Stephanie said...

Dovi is a lucky boy. Thanks for the guest post - I enjoyed reading it and as a former camp counselor (9 years), it was nice to get a glimpse into Dovi's day. I know he (and Sara) will be counting down the days until next year at camp!

Steph (married)

Nahum said...


Shosh said...

that post was hsyterical on so many levels. partly because so much of it made no sense at all. elbows? hello? someone explain? and also because they made fun of you and your scary slasher basement! HAHAHAHAHA. btw thats a pretty good stash they have goin on there.

galiah said...

In my opinion, "elbows" must be the super-hygienic way of doing "high-fives"-- to many potential germs being spread by slapping hands- so you bang elbows? like you open public doors with your elbows?
just a thought.
by the way, sounds like a pretty packed day for your D...

Anonymous said...

Nice try Raphi but you are the one who is still single AND IN THE PARSHA! You also happen to be the best counselor in camp too. And cute...And funny...And a tzaddik...Getting the hints ladies?!

chaviva said...

I'm with Galiah on the elbow theory, and I too enjoyed the soda stash comments.
BTW - Galiah did you go to PPY...your mother teach there...?

porushmom said...

Rafi, Thanx for the insight into a day for Dovi at Camp! Love your breakfast. Just wonder how you are able to move after it let alone run after Dovi and company. But most of all, thank you for all the love and care you give to my Dovi!!!!!
Mrs. P (aka Mom)

Anonymous said...

i love the scary slasher stash of maintainance/drinks that's kept underneath the bunks where the waitresses stay (or at least that's where waitresses stayed for CS 2,3,4 years ago).
And you guys actually keep curfew and go to bed at 12? Most impressive.
-Tamar C.

Miriam said...

LOL! That was great!!!

galiah said...

yes, and yes.

chaviva said...

Galiah- its a small world when it comes to Jews. I was a grade ahead of you at PPY. I still remember some of your mother's songs and I only had her for one year.
Sara - Now it's not only on Shosh's blog where ppl. who know each other meet!

DESJ and Company said...

Chaviva and Galiah-that is AWESOME!

Molly...hmmm...let's see what we can do!

Molly C said...

hehe. I'm a nice Jewish girl! But probably not observant enough for the awesome camp simcha special guys! :-(