Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Kid of Courage Returns

Well, he's back!

Benjie flew down to Orlando today and picked up Mr. D from the trip. For my new readers (hi guys!), you can read about the Kids of Courage trip here.

Amazingly, even with the yucky rainy weather here in Chicago (What the heck, by the way-ummm it's AUGUST-not October! This weather is making me want to go plant some mums. Note to self: buy mums for urns in front of house), all the flights went off without a hitch. Benjie only had about one hour between flights, and somehow he managed to get Dovi, check in, and get back on the plane without any craziness. He said that as he was going to security, he saw the INSANE Kids of Courage charter flight private security line. It literally took the charter flight over two hours to get everyone through security-luckily Benjie didn't choose that line-he had a flight to catch!

Dovi arrived with quite a bit of flair at home-he ran in the front door and was bowled over by Shana and Elisha-then I got the hug of a lifetime.

He's been telling us all about the trip-what he did, where he went..who he hung out with... Raphi, Dovi tells us that you have 10 girlfriends. Ahem. Hope you all had fun :)

I've never seen Dovi so contented. This trip was just magical for him. I need to go through his camera and pull out some pictures-unfortunately, in typical Dovi fashion, most of the pictures are either of his knees, Ezra's nose, or Raphi's hair. He's a real photographer, my Dovi. So all my readers (hi, girl counselor whose name Benjie forgot!) who went on the trip, want to email me some pictures to share here? Thanks lots.

Dovi's big ole bag of laundry is started, children are showered. Dovi's back to school tomorrow. Back to life...

Speaking of school, Rach asked me how school is going for me. I've come to a conclusion. I'm a nerd. A big old nerd. Is it pathetic that I am actually enjoying school? I'm sure that my feelings will change, hey, when I'm insanely cramming for my biology final, but I seem to be enjoying myself just a tad. And good news-my biology class does not seem to include dissection. Phew.

As soon as I get pictures from the trip, I'll be sure to share them all with you.


Anonymous said...

Usually dissection is labelled as such in the syllabus. Be aware for when you eventually get to anatomy and physiology; it includes a cadaver lab. I became a strict vegetarian for about 10 hours after each lab (about how long it takes the formaldyhde smell to disperse).
-Tamar C

Orah said...

In my school, nurses did NOT dissect human cadavers. We did dissect cats as well as organs from cows and sheep. Good luck.

Shira said...

I loved nursing school. Can't wait to get my masters one day. Proud to say, I did not dissect anything. So glad Dovi had fun!!

DESJ and Company said...

shira-where'd you go to nursing school?

Anonymous said...

Shira -- we were at the same did you avoid dissecting anything?!?!?!
-Tamar C.

Shira said...

I went to UIC for nursing school but I took my pre-reqs at Wright.

Estie said...

Quiz Day 2 of day 4?!

Anonymous said...

Sara, there are at least 5 pictures of Dovi in the Kids of Courage article on YWN. (Go to and click on the picture of the boy in a wheelchair. It will take you to a whole bunch of pix from the trip.)

DESJ and Company said...

Thanks! I saw them on Friday :)
He's pretty cute, huh?