Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So It Shall Be Written

So it shall be done.

I haven't blogged about this yet because I didn't want to talk about it until I actually committed.

But I did.

So I will blog about it.

I'm going back to school. Yes, I have a bachelor's degree. Yes, from a REAL college (Loyola). Yes, I've been out of school for seven years.

I have registered for my classes. I have committed/

My degree is in business (if you must know, I have a Bachelors of Business Administration with a Concentration in Information System and Operations Management). I finished my last class in December 2001. It took me so long to finish school because I took off two years when Dovi was born.

I've decided that if I have to sit behind a desk for the rest of my life I'll have a nervous breakdown.

So I'm going back.

I'm becoming a nurse. Well, I'm trying to become a nurse. First I need to take my science prerequisites that I'm missing and then I need to get into the program. I'm not overly concerned about getting in-it's a points system based on grades, and frankly, I'm a good student. I'm the girl in the front row, taking copious notes and reading ahead in the book. I'm the one who people borrow notes from. I'm annoying and compulsive about school. But hopefully that will serve me well in school.

The degree I'm hoping to get will be a two year associates degree in nursing and I'll take the registered nurse test. So in theory in three years I will be an RN. In theory. Hopefully. If all goes as planned.

Yikes. I'm feeling nervous. School? Huh? Sit in a classroom? Dissect a fetal pig? (OMG I have not a darned clue how I'll survive that!) I'm taking Chemistry and Biology. In the spring I'll take Anatomy. Oy.

Wish me luck!

On a side note, the fearsome threesome is seven years old today.

I cannot cope. HOW ARE THEY SO OLD? How are my babies SEVEN? What is that all about?

We took donuts to camp. I got yelled at by the Dunkin' Donuts man for ordering three dozen donuts in the drive thru. Umm it's not my fault that they don't understand English there and they couldn't comprehend that I wanted three dozen donuts, packaged 12, 12, 6, and 6. "Three dozen donuts, please. Please put them as 12,12, 6, and 6." Pretty clear, right? Then again maybe not.

Tonight we're taking them out to dinner to celebrate (we're having a debate about dinner. Shana wants to go to Main Pizza. Elisha is unsure, and Jakie wants Kens. Mommy wants Kens too so we'll see who wins this one). Dovi isn't coming because he is going to the Cubs game. And sitting in the first row. Dovi is such a scammer-how does he pull these things off? Everyone wants to take him to games!

And poor, long suffering, paint hating Benjie and I painted the den last night.

Step one of Operation Zen Den is underway. Pictures to come-my mom is coming in town tonight and we're going accessory shopping tomorrow. Yay!


npl said...

Wow! What exciting news! Behatzlacha.

Yaffa/Yitz said...

Good luck! and happy bday to the seven yo's.

Brie said...

Wow, good for you but I have a feeling that with your experiences you will be able to teach any professor a thing or two!

Orah said...

OMG - The greatest profession ever if I do say so myself - good for you. And think about all the great blogging you will have while in school and when working as a nurse.

And also funny - last time I went to cubs game was last year for my anniversary and saw Benjie there, and we happen to be going tonight with my niece and her hubby.

Anonymous said...

We took classes together in Loyola at night, remember ?(you also used to bring really yummy dinners with us in the car that i was always jealous of) So i can attest to the fact that you really are a good student! Good luck - and happy birthday!
michelle p.

Shira said...

Yay! I am so happy for you. I didn't dissect any pigs, so don't fear.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Sara! Where will you be going? Loyolla? UIC? North Park?
Good Luck!
-Tamar C.

Anonymous said...

Go Sara! I did the "back to school with a bunch of little kids at home" thing and it is hard but worth it in the end.

You are going to make a wonderful nurse.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

YAY!! back to school supplies for the kids AND for you! (surely you have enough stockpiled to take you through your PhD, right?!)

Is there such a thing as a nurse-advocate, like a super heroine to take on the insurance and medical supply companies on behalf of patients? cos, you would surely rock at that! and i'm sure you will be great at patient care too!

redecoration pictures soon?


Anonymous said...

I am coming out of the wood work. I found your blog through Elisha's blog and Shira's blog. I am Shira's sil. Congrats on going back to school. We just saw Dovi and D at the game. They were on the screen in the second inning.

Anonymous said...

P.S. My hubby works at Keshet so he knows the guy who took Dovi.

Anonymous said...

we are all so proud of you for taking this enormous yet do-able step. we love you and i wish i was nearby to lend a hand when you need one.
love, tamar

chaviva said...

Wow. Congratulations. I think you will be an awesome nurse. I dissected a fetal pig in 12th grade advanced bio class. once you get over the smell, it's very cool. Happy Birthday to the kids.

Miriam said...

WOW! I can't say I am surprised- when I told Meir- he and I both said immediatly- she is going to make an AWSOME nurse! It totally is you! Happy birthday to the Triplets!!!! Can't believe they are 7! That makes me feel old- I met you when you were on bed rest with them. You were on a recliner in your old apartment- and Dovi was raiding the fridge for ketchup =)

agent99 said...

You can pop D's G-tube button in blind-folded, probably with one hand tied behind you back, and you're worried over a little bitty pig? Seriously....
You're going to be an awesome nurse!

Anonymous said...

Hatzlachah! I'm sure you'll get through it easily, we've seen from you how far perseverance and determination can get a person.

Shosh said...

it seems from the comments that every one of your blog readers was at the game. i wonder if they were also snapping paparrazi like pictures of dovi.
and im really excited about nursing school for u, but also kind of nervous about how it might cut into your couponing time....
MUST STOCKPILE IN PREPARATION FOR SCHOOL. youll be like the grasshopper who gets ready for winter...or something like that

Rayli said...

Jon saw Dovi on tv last night!!!! He was watching the game, and suddenly screamed out, "Hey I think I see Dovi in the front row!" My kids ran into the family room and said, "Who's Dovi?" And I yell from the kitchen, " You know Dovi, the brother of the triplets.... you know his mom writes that Dovi's Life blog I always read...." And they were like, "Oh yeah Dovi. That's cool." Hahahahahaha

Rayli said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Raphi said...

Happy birthday!!!
Congrats! The fetal pig is not so bad, let me know if you need help with the sciences :-)

galiah said...

happy bday to esj!
i entertain the notion of going back to school (in a completely unrelated field) every now and then... you have a lot of guts to do it! i'm sure you'll be the most experienced nurse out there! wishing you lots of luck!

Anonymous said...

Talk to BennyH.,he's doing a whole lot of research on nurse/life specialists. He thinks they are imperative. You'd be perfect. I'm worried about your decorating time when you start school. P.S. ya shoulda asked Uncle Jay about Great America! Ask me about the dissected cat in the sorority house!
Aunt J.

Gila said...

Wow, I am amazed that you are going back to school! I do wish that maybe one day I'll go back for my phd.....One can dream but you have really inspire me! So I'll check in on you and if it goes well maybe I'll think about it....maybe. - good luck!

Stash Empress said...

Great idea! (What nights can I put you down for????? Though not sure your dh will approve the commute ;-)
(who dreams of night nurses showing up... at night....)

amy (3Peas) said...

Sara that's SO awesome about school- GO YOU! :)