Wednesday, August 5, 2009


What to say?

I'm kinda mind blocked today.

Ooh wait! I know!

My den is being featured on a design blog.

Check THIS out!

And comment if you'd like.

Pics to come...


Anonymous said...

how did you get picked? - tamar

Shosh said...

can i put my whole entire house on that blog?

Yaffa/Yitz said...

I am thinking of you:

All My Monkeys said...

Oh, DON'T paint the brick! Pleeeaaase! Pretty please? (Paint is hard to remove from brick if you don't like it.) And I think it will lend a nice bit of color and "warmth" to the room. You don't want to make it all beige/boring. Plus, if you have lots of black stuff (tables, trunk, ET ctr) it will not be as stark a contrast from all the lighter colors. You could stain the concrete hearth, and find baskets for storage (blankets, pillows, games, magazines, dr pepper???) to slip in there. (Cuz who can't use more storage/hiding places :D ) I like that you're going to move the couch to the other wall. I was gonna suggest that. I think it will work better if you are using the trunk as a coffee table.

Anonymous said...

Too funny, Sara. I was just with a client to help pick out some paint colors. I told her the ultimate designers' trick, which is to walk into any darker room and say that it needs to be "brightened up." Yet when they see a neutral or light room, they inevitably say that the room needs to be "warmed up" with some deeper colors. You fit the template perfectly!
David Brand