Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Kids come up with funny things. It's a fact. They make up goofy little sayings and have funny quirks.

Elisha Meir is no exception. Elisha loves legos (and the Cubs, and any type of candy, and Wii, and Webkinz). Many kids love legos. Kids build all types of creative, fanciful structures with legos.

Elisha builds one (well I suppose two) things:

Slufty Houses.

(pause for confused re-reading of what I just wrote)


Elisha builds Slufty Houses, and the Slufties to go in them.

What are Slufties?

Don't you know? Doesn't everyone know?

Why, Slufties are small snails made out of lego.

And they live in little small lego boxes, with lego lids, made with lego love by Elisha.

Sometimes he even puts in Slufty Food.

We have little Slufty Houses scattered throughout our house. I've found them in my room, on Elisha's bookcase, on my little niche on my staircase, on the occasional table in the living room, and all over the Zen Den.

No, I have not a clue where he came up with this.


Rach said...

I love kids and their imaginations! And i love your new layout!

Rach said...

and we need to know how school went?

2Thinks said...

Creativity- just another piece of himself, God shared with us. Fabulous!

Shosh said...

hey! you have a new layout! and i love elisha. hes so cute.

galiah said...

Wow. now slufty houses are a new thing-- here we usually just get lego forts and battle machines (MA, 9 1/2); or decapitated lego "menchies" (DY, 3). Kovy (8) occasionally builds staircases or pyramids.
I think your new blog look matches your new zen den.