Tuesday, August 25, 2009

When the Dovi's Away...

ESJ do play.

We take Dovi everywhere with us. We really do (well with the exception of the day of heat and line hell at Great America a few weeks ago). But the thing is with the D is that he gets hot. And overheats. And has to go to therapy. And has his big wheelchair stroller thingy. So going places with Dovi is a production. One that I willingly, lovingly engage in. No judgements, folks, just a statement of fact. Dovamatic makes everything take longer and be more of a production.

And another statement of fact: I'm sitting on my couch blogging while my awesome hot helpful hubby is unloading and reloading the milchig (dairy) dishwasher. You're all jealous. You know you are.

So when Dovi is away, I try as hard as I can to take the kids places that are harder for me with Dovi. So while Dovi is partying in Orlando (so far it's been Universal Studios, Tampa Bay Rays game, Nickelodean Water Park, and a pirates dinner show), ESJ are partying in Chicago.

Sunday night we hit Navy Pier with our cousins.

We had dinner and were robbed senseless by the insane prices to ride the Navy Pier rides took the kids on a few rides.

Correction: I was my delicious nephew Naphtali's

nanny while everyone else rode the ferris wheel.
Heights are not for me. I feel nervous and nauseous just looking at pictures of heights.

Then they "rode" the Lighthouse.
I think it's more cute that they filled up the ride than anything else. It was a little silly-but of course they loved it.

Then they went on the marry-go-round.

The kids did that. My brother in law David? He rode the vomit swings. Luckily he did not vomit. Another person who rode said ride was not as lucky.

He's the white shirt-can you see him???

The cute kids did cute things.

Then Nava got tired. And laid down on the floor of Navy Pier.
So we left. The girls danced in the parking lot.

And we went home. At 9 pm. Which for my kids is insanely late. Be proud of me. I'm getting more flexible in my old age.

Monday was a new day of fun for the troublesome trio.

We went to Brookfield Zoo. In order to get my family in for free I married Shosh and she adopted my kids and the F-P family enjoyed a day of fun at the zoo.


Stuck our heads through picture holes.
Fell out of picture holes (thank you Elisha the Clown)

Watered plants in the play zoo (yes, Shana's wearing a cover-up for a dress. She wanted to. I didn't want to fight. Go with it)

Elisha tried to teach T how to shpritz. She wasn't interested in his affections. Personally, I think he was only interested in her fluffy hair. He likes fluffy things. He told me on Shabbos afternoon to please, call him Fluffy, not Fishy. I have obliged him quite happily.

Then we pet a guinea pig

my kids looked at me with pleading eyes. But I remained strong. I do not like rodents.

Then they made outdoor collages.
If this picture of Shana doesn't meet the definition of "sun dappled" I don't know what does.

Look how organized Jakie's collage is! A boy after my own heart.

Elisha's collage has a hat.

We found a bear in a swimming pool.

Took the required picture on the lion:

And went home, sunburned and happy.

Then we had the most amazing, favorite dinner EVER.


Little stinkers. I make all these lovely dinners. What's their favorite?

plain pasta with tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese.


Next up?

Maybe the pool.

After I come home from school.

Yes, my first day of school is upon us.

May G-d have mercy.


FunkyFrum said...

good luck at school

Shosh said...

you're the best wife i've ever had

DESJ and Company said...

i feel the same way, shosh :)

Anonymous said...

isn't it nice to have good vacation days with the kids? i love the feeling. tamar

Miriam said...

Good luck at school!!! We must have missed you at Brookfield by like a day- we were also just there. I was able to be married to my husband though- we had a museum pass. My upstairs neighbor is going to be marrying me for the day on Thursday so we can all go to the Shedd togther. =)

Rach said...

so cute and so much fun!

agent99 said...

1)Bigamy is completely acceptable if it gets you a discount.
2)Being a parent of a special needs child allows us the very special ability to feel crappy whether we drag or poor, thermo-regulatory compromised kids with us (big production, limits the regular kids, possibly physically harms us) or we leave them home in the nice cool A/C (depriving them of "normalcy".) Its a no-win, no-win situation. But you pullit off mah-vel-oulsy.
3) Love you.....but I am not so sure @ the new blog template (?)

Yehudit said...

One big comment post -
First of all - good luck in school
Second - I love the new den - Want to help us out sometime?
Miss you all - try calling occasionally ok? I can never reach you.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a lot of fun. Good luck in school!

Anonymous said...

apparently everyone plays - like the new blog look!

looks like you all had a great time on your outing. mazal tov on your new spouse!

hope the first day of school was great!