Friday, July 31, 2009

I just hung up with Dovi

And let me say that he is seriously the cutest child in the entire universe.

Not that I'm prejudiced AT ALL.

But seriously. He is delicious!

I cannot wait to see him on Monday. This year, I feel like camp went by SO quickly. And half the mail I've sent him hasn't gotten there. Including the meds that I mailed ON MONDAY. So they need to rustle up some Pulmicort in the infirmary.

I learned today that:

  • Dovi's team lost in color war. He says they cheated.
  • I believe that this is the first year that he's actually lost
  • Dovi really, really, REALLY does not like rectal temperatures. I'm sure you wanted to hear that.
  • He did not have said fever. Phew.
  • Dovi and friends did the Bunk 13 dance in the talent show.
  • I've been told that I have to wait to see what that is.
  • Raphi and co. are hard at work on the guest post. Hopefully we'll get it up over the weekend.
  • I miss him SO much and cannot wait to see him on Monday!!!!

Today I ran 3.5 miles! I'm rather proud.

Because this year I need to train for TEAM LIFELINE hardcore.

Ask me why.

OK I'll tell you.

Because Benjie's running too.

And I need to beat him.

I must finish that half marathon AT LEAST 10 minutes before Benjie.

It doesn't help me that Benjie's 6 inches taller than me and thus has a 6 inch longer stride than me...




Just sayin'.


Raphi said...

Btw your pulmicorts were waiting for me when i got back to the bunk (he uses .5 not 1)...

Stephanie said...

Go Benji! Can't wait to see you Porushes again. This year my kids better make the blog!

Nahum said...

My money's on Sara, Steph

Anonymous said...

hmm, does that mean that if you grew six inches you wouldn't have to practice so much? is that an option? maybe you could make benjie do the race on his knees or something to make it fair?

but i don't suppose that will be necessarily, will it miss competitive?

glad dovi is having such a fantastic time at camp!!