Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Every Year it Amazes Me

How much LESS I have to do when Dovi's at camp.

When Dovi's at camp:

"Kids! Go upstairs and get dressed for camp!"

"Go pack your bags!"

"Go upstairs and take a shower!"

"Brush your teeth and we'll be up in 5 minutes for bedtime"

When Dovi's at home:

"Dovi, come here sweetie so we can do your nebbie. Then can you please take off your pj shirt and try and get on your tzitzis and tshirt and I'll help you with your shorts, socks,and shoes after I've made your tubie"

"Shan, can you please pack up Dovi's camp bag for him-all his stuff is on the floor next to his bag-while I hook up his breakfast? Thanks!"

"Elisha-can you please run upstairs and get me a new 10 cc syringe? Thanks honey!" (yes. they know what 10 cc syringes are)

"Jakie-please leave the shower on when you're done so I can take Dovi up and shower him"

"All six year olds go up and get ready for bed. Dovi, stay down here for your nebbies-meds-diapers-eye stuff please"


I was chatting with someone on Sunday, and I was saying that I really don't have that much to do this week. Well yes, I do have to feed my family and keep my house somewhat in order, but there really isn't all that much that I need to DO.

Well, I do want to paint my dining room chairs and I need to make my next grocery shopping plan of attack (it's going to be epic, I promise), but must get done or my child will not be alive? Not so much.

And it's mighty relaxing, I must say.

And for that I must give an enormous, gigantic thank you to Chai Lifeline and Camp Simcha Special for this little break.

But he is rather delicious and I can't wait till he comes home!

(hey Raphi-one quick question-who is D's rotator? This is my easiest way to talk to you :) And don't forget that you and Yoeli need to finish your GUEST POST!)


Stephanie said...

It's awesome that Dovi gets this experience. And it's great for you to have some respite. Those counselors seem like great guys.

Nahum said...

Dovi looks great in both of these pictures. Enjoy the break.

Shosh said...

wow that looks like a really comfy bed. camp simcha looks awesome

chaviva said...

Enjoy your break, and your time with the 6 year olds. I want to hear all the details of your "epic" shopping trip.

Miriam said...

Sara- oh my gosh- you are amazing btw with the couponing heads up you gave me- I practicly robbed Target yesterday!!! AMAZING! I saved $115.30- craziness!

elisha said...

So glad that you get a break!! Looks like he is having so much fun! Btw, when I was at jewel recently saving tons of money (you have really inspired me) the cashier told me that the store probably will stop accepting internet coupons in the relatively near future. Crisis!!