Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Idiocy in Insurance

I seriously couldn't even make this up.

So you know that Dovi's Eclipse

(only the coolest oxygen concentrator ever) errored on Friday night and we had to get an emergency liquid

fill on Saturday morning, and they took the Sequal to figure out the problem.

So I called the Home Health (furthermore HH-it's too long to write otherwise) place yesterday ot arrange to get a new one delivered before we leave for Camp Simcha Special and Dr. Feldman next week.

Ummm sorry. No.

You will never believe this.

It seems that, according to HH:

  • Insurance companies don't cover travel oxygen services (the Sequal)
  • Up until January 2009, HH offered travel oxygen as a service to its oxygen dependent clients
  • This service was discontinued in January 2009 as a cost cutting measure
  • We got our Sequal prior to January 2009 and were supposed to return it when we returned from our trip
  • We didn't know that
  • We've had the Sequal at no cost for the past 8 or 9 months
  • We could've kept it forever for free
  • But once we returned it, we no longer get it for free
  • We now need to get prior authorization from our insurance to cover it. But GET THIS
  • Since Dovi is oxygen dependent, (this is according to HH guy) our insurance WILL cover back up oxygen a concentrator, you know, so my son won't die overnight if the liquid fails for some reason
  • But they WILL NOT cover a Sequal Eclipse concentrator, a concentrator that costs the same as the big momma pictured above.
  • Why is this? Because they will not cover TRAVEL oxygen. And the Sequal is a travel concentrator.
  • Even though we used it as our primary concentrator for 9 months.
Try that on for size.

And the idiocy? Insurance has always covered travel oxygen for me. Four different insurance policies over the past 11 1/2 years have always covered travel oxygen.

Gloves are off...let the fight begin.

Oh yeah, we leave NEXT TUESDAY for a doctor appointment TUESDAY AFTERNOON before Camp Simcha Special. It's too late to order airline oxygen

So. Let the fun begin.

You know I'll win. I always do.

But seriously? Does this make ANY SENSE whatsoever?


Shosh said...

GO SARA, GO!!!!! My money's on you.

Nahum said...

Woah. I second Shosh's comment above.

Estie said...

I'm TOTALLY betting on you Sara! Maybe you should send them a copy of your Magnum Opus while you're at it?!

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should televise this fight? Sounds like it's gonna be a good one! GO MRS. PORUSH!!!
(Thinking about making "Go Porush Power" T-shirts for all of your supporters for this upcoming battle. Still waiting for financial supporters.)

NPL said...

That's insane. In the same league as not providing the essential formula for oral consumption but providing it for tube-feeding with all the extra costs of the tube-feeding supplies. That battle took me months, but I have faith in you that you'll get this done in days!
Go get them Sara!

rickismom said...


Raphi said...

Go Sara!! I wanna have the cool concentrator this year, not the big clunky one again!! lol

Rach said...

Um, I'm a little scared of you (and in awe at the same time), maybe I shouldn't have called you white trash as you drove past my house before.........

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I second that Raphi! Our bunks are full of enough machines, diapers, wires, and random Sponge Bob Square Pants articles to have to also have that large machine again. You go fight for Bunk 17 Mrs. Porush! Dovi should not have to live in a bunk filled to the roof with machines! This is not a transformers movie, its a bunk 17 pajama party!

agent99 said...

Well, obviously leaving the house is not an inalienable right of all people, healthy or not. I quake in my boots for the poor, poor HH employee who answers the phone when yu call. Good Luck,

Miriam said...

Go Sara!

Raphi said...

Well put DJ :-)

Anonymous said...

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