Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Benjie just reminded me

that I forgot to post the pics from Dovi's arrival at camp.

So here they are.

And to answer the inevitable questions:

  • yes. there is a grown man wearing a Superman costume.
  • yes. Dovi and Ezra look alike.
  • yes. Dovi, Ben, and Ezra were THRILLED to see each other.
  • no. Dovi did not successfully do arrivals this year. He screamed and yelled and jumped into Raphi's arms.
  • yes. Raphi is wearing odd orange jeans.
  • yes. Dovi looks very, very happy. Because he is.
  • yes. I Jewel paid me $80 to remove 81 six packs of Dr. Pepper from the store today purchased 81 six packs of Dr. Pepper products today.
  • no. you cannot do it too. The deal was today only and involved much coupon usage.
  • yes. I am shameless and had to discuss my couponing in a post about Camp Simcha and Dovi. It's my blog. I can do whatever I want.


Anonymous said...

wow! i can't tell what impressed me more - the dovi pics or that loooooooong line of dr pepper! (or maybe it's the orange jeans? or the superman guy?)

funny story: i had a dream that i was in someone's house for shabbos, but i didn't know whose it was...i was walking around the house, and then i saw this whole ROOM full of rows and rows of canned goods, cereal, soap, toilet paper, soda...and I knew I was in YOUR house! (but apparently in your scary basement storage area? why was i snooping around your basement on shabbos? maybe i was lost???)
anyway, thanks for inviting me!
tzom kal...and thanks for the dovi pictures. i can't wait to see more!!

Shosh said...

this post made me smile. :)

FunkyFrum said...

dovi looks thrilled! and geez, i need one of these kroger stores in my area! miss alla good stuff.

Estie said...

Dovi looks ecstatic and I L.O.V.E. Dr. Pepper-totally jealous of your amazing couponage and stash!!!!

Rayli said...

tell us how you did it.... the soda. oh and great pics of dovi!

Rach said...

I'll be by later- I am now offically CRAVING Dr. Pepper! :)
And btw, Dovi's smiles are too cute for proper words.

Miriam said...

Ok, #1- Sara- Dovi is sooo stinkin cute! the picture of him flying into Raphi's arms- adorable! And him with his buddies- too sweet!
#2- the Dr. Pepper situation is a little out of control!!!!
#3 I am making room in my freezer because I got more morning star coupons and there is going to be another super duper Target trip coming up!!!

Anonymous said...

Dovi looks so happy!
And btw, how long will it take you to go through all that Dr. Pepper?