Monday, July 20, 2009


I'm probably going to bang on the keyboard while I'm writing this.

I saw something yesterday that made me sick to my stomach.

I saw a perfectly able bodied man with his wife and child in the car park his car in a handicapped space at Target. Then he left his wife and child in the car as he ran in to the store to make a purchase.


The car did not have handicapped plates, or a handicapped tag. It wasn't like he had the tags for someone else and just used those tags to park when he really shouldn't have. I've seen that-I know someone who has the tags for a family member but often parks in handicapped even without that family member present.

Oh no. This was a perfectly able bodied man with a perfectly able bodied family.

He simply didn't want to bother to look for parking.

Not only did he block off one space, but he slanted halfway into the yellow painted space for the adjacent handicapped space that was for wheelchair lifts.

So he blocked two spaces.

Two handicapped spaces on a busy Sunday afternoon at Target were now blocked because this man was too darned lazy to go find a parking space.

I called a friend, all enraged.

"How could this man do this? I want to call the police! How could he be so insensitive to people who NEED the handicapped space? What if I'd had Dovi with me and his wheelchair?"

She responded:

"This man wasn't even thinking that way. He didn't think one moment about the handicapped person who would not be able to park there. What he was actually thinking was that he would not get a ticket because if a police man came, his wife, who was waiting in the car with their child, could move the car"

I realized that she was right.

I seriously have no COMPREHENSION how people can do that.

How on earth can you be so insensitive, so self centered, so ENTITLED that you will do such a thing?

What do you think? That the person who drives that handicapped van whose space you are blocking will be able to put down their lift, get out of their van in their wheelchair, and be able to ASK YOU to please move your car?

There is a reason there are handicapped spaces. And SO WHAT that there are 5 empty handicapped spaces in front of Target and the lot is pretty full and you'd have to walk from the back of the lot?

I'm pretty darned sure that that handicapped driver whose space you took would be thrilled to be able to park in the back of the lot and walk to the store.


porushmom said...

Call the police, give their license plate number in case they leave b/4 the police arrive. Wrong is wrong and they shouldn't get away with it. Take a picture. Most phones are cameras anyway.

Shosh said...

the world is full of not nice people. but the world is also full of really good people, like people who drive out of their way to come over and buy nasty overpriced lemonade from a kid's lemonade stand!

Rayli said...

that is pretty bad... oh and btw, how do you read so many blogs???? when do you have the time?

Miriam said...

That's really bad!

galiah said...

Ppl just don't think...

Anonymous said...

your mom is right (isn't she always?).
at the very least, the woman would have to haul herself out, explain the situation to the policeman, and then move the car.
and btw, in our town, you CAN be ticketed for sitting in your car, with the engine running, if you are in or even blocking a handicapped space. for example, you are waiting for your spouse to come in on the train on a rainy day so you drive up behind the handicapped spaces and wait there for the train to pull in to the station. guess how i know?

DESJ and Company said...

saddest part, ladies?

I know them.