Friday, June 19, 2009


Mt St. free Ice Cream...guess what we're having at the kids' birthday party this summer??

As many of my readers know, everyone in Chicago is heartbroken over what is going on with Todd and Naomi Cohn's son Koppel...please, please daven (pray) for Refael Menashe Koppel ben Naomi for a full recovery from his terrible illness.

As a zchus (merit) for Koppel's recovery, many women and girls have taken upon themselves to make Challah with a bracha this week. I decided to do that as well, but didn't have a big enough bowl...hence the Large-Rubbermaid-Under-the-Bed-Box-of-Challah dough...yikes!

And last but not least, Dovi got a tooth pulled today. Please excuse the absolutely HORRIBLE angle of the pictures-look at yesterday's video to be reminded of how cute he really is in real life. Be that as it may, he had a tooth that was in the wrong place.

We called it his spare tooth

And now, without the spare tooth:

Yay! He was soooo angry at Dr. Bob-but he's hardly bled at all and seems to be just fine. Hopefully he'll be able to get his braces off soon now.

Have a great weekend everyone, and DAVEN for Rephael Menashe Koppel ben Naomi.


Anonymous said...

Can i guess that mount st. ice cream is really, buy one get one sale on the ice cream and you had the multiple coupons from Sunday's paper?


DESJ and Company said...

sorta kinda...more like spend $25, get $10, and coupons, and on sale...kind of complicated