Monday, June 15, 2009


Monday was an exciting day...we were going to the Yankees game thanks to a very generous friend-with-season-tickets!

We spent the day just hanging out-we went to the park with Debby and Noam and out to lunch. We also rendezvoused with my friend Eli to return the pulse ox (rememer this story?)

As we were driving to the stadium? ballpark? what do they call such a place? I turned around an found this:

And of course, since we are SPAZZES, we got lost on the way to the game. We told Tamar's babysitter we'd drive her over the GW bridge. We were doing that anyway. Well I thought she'd tell us where to get off. Before we passed said exit. So we got lost. But then we saw a car full of guys wearing Yankees hats. Opened the window and asked them if they were going to the game. They said yes. We cut off another car to FOLLOW THEM!

But then they began to take evasive measures...because...ummm...they were being followed?

That adventure over with, we parked. The guy tried to get us to tip him to "show us the best space". Umm dude? The entire handicapped area is empty. We don't need your help. Then we went in. Nothing like a wheelchair to get you quick attention.

We had great seats! The kids were sooo happy.

And we were happy. Because Yankee Stadium has a kosher concession.

I spent more on five hot dogs and one chicken nuggets than I spend at the grocery store for a week (well for me that's less than $50 but whatever)

Then Shana got bored. We forgot to bring her book. She was irritated. Oops.

And we left.

Next up, Tuesday/the drive home!

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