Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Is this normal?

So Dovi got the okay on Thursday night to take off his boot and start walking.

And I'm a bit concerned.

Here are some visual aids:

Last Tuesday:


Last Tuesday:


Last Tuesday:


And my question to you, dear readers:

Does it look more swollen today? Or am I nuts? Well you already know that I'm nuts-so am I more nuts than usual?

Now I know the angles are a bit off, but try and help me out here, k?

I have a call in to the ortho but I am FREAKING out here!!!


Anonymous said...

i can't really tell from the pictures; does it "feel" swollen to you - when you press it does the skin pop back up? can you feel fluid? was dovi keeping it elevated on the wheelchair until now - maybe it's just gravity from having his foot down? i do think that the scars/incisions look nice (well, as nice as they can look)

hope they call you back soon.
hope it's nothing!

Shira said...

All good questions. I also can't tell so much from the pics. Is it warm?

Shosh said...

i cant tell from the pictures either. not that you would listen to my medical advice anyway, seeing as i have no expertise other than consistently googling every symptom i have ever had. i cant even ask smart questions like shira can. "is it warm?" shes so smart. she must be a nurse or something.

Anonymous said...

Coming from someone who's husbdan recently had a bone graft and a cast on for 5 months, when it came off his arm was helf the size it used to be, not double. I would be definietly have the doc see it.

Stash Empress said...

I'm not an orthopedic maven or anything -- but when I broke my ankle a number of years ago, after the cast came off, for months afterward, if I sat with my leg down, it would swell right up. Could it be that it was elevated before last Tuesday's photos & now he's been sitting with it down?

agent99 said...

skin color & condition look improved; some swelling can be expected....I think it's OK.