Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I know! You're shocked.

But I decided what the heck! I haven't done it in a long time...

You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Now, on to me!

This past week...

I did not skip showering my kids one night, figuring that running in the sprinkler in swimsuits qualified as taking a shower.

My house is currently not the messiest it has ever been. The sink is not piled with dishes, laundry is not on the living room floor, and the floor has CERTAINLY been swept since Saturday.

I am not getting heart palpitations sitting at my desk at work just thinking about it.

I did not serve 6 hungry Camp Simcha Special counselors hot dogs in my kitchen on Thursday night at 1 am.

They did not eat 12 hot dogs and an entire bag of french fries in under 5 minutes.

I did not take my kids to the pool at 2:30pm on Friday afternoon. Having not made a blessed thing for Shabbos except for chicken soup and sherbet.

I did not then proceed to stay there until 5pm and shower my kids in their swimsuits in the cold water showers at the pool (hey, I brought soap and shampoo!)

I did not allow my thrill seeking six year old ( ooh I have a fun idea: a free bottle of ketchup to the first person who figures out which one of my six year olds it was-and you must explain WHY you guessed that child) to ride the Viper, the Demon, and the Eagle at Great America yesterday!

At Great America, my husband was most certainly NOT mistaken for a counselor because he does NOT have the maturity of a 15 year old and did NOT start a huge water fight at lunch.

I did NOT get up after 8 am this morning, the first morning of camp, when I had nothing done.

I did not then offer my kids the following lunch: sandwich of bagel and nutella (thank you Amy, for introducing me and my kids to the glory that is nutella), bagel and butter, or bagel and chumus, because that's all my feeble mind could pull off this morning.

I did not have to make some of each (darned picky kids!)

I am not relieved that camp has started.

I am not dreading going home to my terrifying house.

What about you?

What didn't you do this week?


Shosh said...

Hmmm...this is tough. I'll have to guess J. Even though he's the worrier type. He seems like the brave type too. And also the clone of K who has been making me check the height requirements for all the roller coasters online in anticipation of being able to go on them. See? He's worried he won't be tall enough, but he wants to go. Worry/brave all in one.

I dont know if I'm right, but if I am, I don't need your free ketchup. Ha.

FunkyFrum said...

i did not tell my MIL she could not be my facebook friend. I also did not tell my husband that the shirt he was wearing made him look skinny when in fact he looked a tad foolish.

Anonymous said...

it's elisha. he's crazy like that.(i only know how to post as anonymous so it's tamar)

Raphi said...

Can I answer for the free ketchup even though I was there yesterday?
And come on, 2 hot dogs per person in 5 minutes is not sooo crazy (we hadn't had supper...) :-)

DESJ and Company said...

Shosh wins...but she has 400 bottles of ketchup of her own too :)