Monday, June 15, 2009

The BIG Bash aka The Bat Mitzvah aka a story in pictures

Sunday was THE BIG DAY.

Kids were insanely excited. Elisha and Jacob were wearing SUITS! and TIES! for the first time ever. Well first Elisha had a tantrum because he thought his suit jacket was too long (it wasn't). But we got there.

How. fabulous. is. Shana's. dress?

My handsome foursome.

His tie was FAB! As was his smile.

Shana and her cousin Shoshie (remember her from Friday's pictures?)

Me and my twin sister Rebecca. No. We don't look anything alike. We are fraternal. Very, very fraternal.

My brothers. The bald one is the father of the Bat Mitzvah girl, the beautiful Yaffa pictured at the top of this excessively long post. Don't even ask. They're wacked out.


Four adorable girlies!

Dovi with Auntie Tamar

My mom with her four slightly insane children

But they CAN smile like normal people if they need to.

Kids' table...
Benjie and Estie...the little girls always love Benjie!

Could they be any more handsome?

Really, could they? I think not.

I lurve her.

David and Noam...he's SO darned cute!

Me and Meira, sweet sister of the Bat Mitzvah girl

Hi, Mommy!

Oh look! I got a picture of Debby, mom of the Bat Mitzvah girl! She was sneaky and evading the camera...

Yaffa spoke beautifully

As did David (and my mom too)

Debby spoke later and for some reason the picture is sooo dark!

Then the cousins did a little song (which my niece Estie-she of the Benjie smooch and hysterical personality-proceeded to teach to her entire preschool class on Monday)

Dovi enjoyed the giveaways!

And danced with Noam

Debby and the Adira, younger sister of the Bat Mitzvah girl

My mom, Hershel, and all the grandchildren!

The girls loved the dancing!
When the Bat Mitzvah was over, Yaffa decided to release her name balloon arch into the air...

And the day was over.

Wow. That took me a while.


michelle prero said...

Your kids are gorgeous poo poo poo!! I seriously got way too excited when i saw how many new posts there were...

Anonymous said...

i never post but i LOVE the pics!! our kids look fabulous!!and the one of esti and benjie goes in the slide show!!

Miriam said...

Everyone looks awsome! The boys are soooo hansome and Shan's dress is soooo cute! Dovi is a little stud-muffin as usual! Miriam

Shira said...

um, i like your BLING bracelet!!

DESJ and Company said...

Shira-isn't it fun? It's this big ole marcasite cuff thingie. I don't really ever wear costume jewelery but this rocked