Monday, June 22, 2009

Ask Sara!

OK I'm feeling kinda low on ideas of what to post about, so I'm throwing this out there. Maybe I'll get a comment or two...

Is there anything about Dovi (or I suppose me?) that you've wondered?

Anything that hasn't been clear?

Leave me a comment with any questions you have, and I'll try to answer them...

Or if no one cares, just ignore my pathetic attempt at a post :)


Stephanie said...

it's not me monday!

Molly C said...

Maybe this has been answered but as far as educational accomodations what is done for Dovi?

I work at a special needs summer camp with a really large jewish population. So I always wonder how their religious education is modified. Most of my boys keep kosher, observe shabbos, and have a really good grasp of their faith. (minus the fact that a yarmullke can totally be used as something to toss as hard as you can towards the window when you are having a meltdown. almost lost a few that way!)

how do you observe shabbos in a hospital? assuming Dovi has been there on Friday nights before.

He is such a cutie pie, and I loved the video! It was nice to hear him talk

Anonymous said...

How about more details on how you spend next-to-nothing on groceries? I'm sure you could help out a lot of us.

WriterGrrl said...

I just want to know everything. I'm nosy that way. I really want to know, I guess, if I will ever stop hurting. You seem in such a good place. I want to know how you got there. Am I the only ortho chick who has MAJOR issues with God? I have a hard time believing that.