Tuesday, March 23, 2010

School Strikes Again

While most of you are stressing about Pesach, I'm stressing about school.

I had/have THREE exams this week.

Anatomy Lab Exam this past Monday (rocked it)

Microbiology Exam tomorrow morning (expect to hopefully pull off a B. I despise memorizing algae and protozoa. So I'm not and hoping for the's multiple choice)

Anatomy Exam on Thursday morning. Do not have enough time to study. Am freaking out. Will be nowhere near as prepared as the previous exam. Also hope for a B.

But I will be done with all the exams just in time to turn over my kitchen for fun!

Thank G-d I have a LIST...

as a sidebar, Dovi is just fine. know that that blood pressure was insane and not good. But it's all part of the fun with FD and it went away just as quickly as it came. We know his blood pressure is high when he's all red and kinda puffy looking. Like he was again tonight, but I opted not to take his blood pressure. Gave him his meds and put him to bed...

Oh and by the way, everyone...nursing program acceptance letters go on on or before APRIL 1...which is NEXT WEEK! We all know that my letter will arrive on the first day of Pesach so as to maximize my stress.


Shira said...

You are too funny but seem to be handling the stress well. I know the stress of A & P exams. Uch. Good luck, I'm sure you'll rock them. Where did you apply for nursing school?

Anonymous said...

Good luck!

galiah said...

good luck-- i hope you get your acceptance letter asap with the envelope flap unsealed and just tucked in so you can peek on yom tov!!! (or hold it up to the light...)
glad dovi is ok.
happy pesach!