Friday, March 12, 2010

Pesach is Coming...We're so Happy!

Well kinda.

Why are we so happy you ask?

It certainly cannot be all the cooking and cleaning and cleaning and cleaning .

Nope, it's the company that's coming!

Benjie's sister and her family are coming in from Israel! We haven't seen them in over 5 years!

We haven't met half of their kids, and the ones we did were 2 years old and a baby the last time they were here!

So we are rather excited. Shana is over the moon to have three more girl cousins here to play with! It should be fun and hectic-just the way we like it.

But I still do have to cook and clean, all the while studying for my microbiology midterm, my anatomy lab exam, and my anatomy midterm, which will all be taken the week before Pesach.

So drastic measures need to be taken. The week(s) before Pesach will require surgeon-like precision and organization.

This calls for another Excel spreadsheet. Many of you know of my great love for (a) excel and (b) lists. In my opinion, there is nothing in life that cannot be accomplished with a good list in excel. I've made one every year, and I just updated it for this year.

So then I got to thinking...most of my little bloggy's readers are people who might benefit from this list I was specifically thinking of all my deal counselor boys whom I know are slaving away cleaning for Pesach even as I type!

So I figured, what the heck...or "what the hecky heck" as my lovely children have taken to saying. Where on earth they learned that I cannot imagine..Must. nip. such. language. in. the. bud.

But I digress (as usual). I figured...what the hecky heck? I might as well share said spreadsheet with all you lovely readers.

A few notes:
I do NOT spring clean.
I do not clean most of my second floor-my kids never eat upstairs and my cleaning lady cleans upstairs every week.
I do NOT wash all my toys. My kids are not 2 years old and gnawing on teether biscuits while building with Duplos.
I do NOT go crazy.

So here you go.... Pesach in a spreadsheet. It has about 5 years on it, with various menus and shopping lists. Feel free to make my exact menus. They were tasty. Click here to download.

And try not to hyperventilate.


Gila said...

It's my first pesach doing the work at home and I've got several lists going on!

I didn't have access to your spreadsheet so I hope I'm not missing anything! :)

Shani said...

I too do not pesach clean, clean most of my second floor nor wash my toys. Although, according to my husband I go crazy anyway! btw- i also love excel and lists!

Anonymous said...

I came across this ad, is this a pic of Dovi?

DESJ and Company said...

Yup, that is the one and only Dovalicious and Ezra :)

Miriam said...

Sara- I have had a google doc going for a while for Pesach too- and I must say it keeps us sane. Some people laugh at me- but who the heck cares! My apartment is coming along nicely and I am still sane- and my cleaning lasy has stood me up 2 weeks in a row (I'm not at all bitter about that!)
Miriam =)

Rayli said...

Soooo glad I'm going away after looking through all that!!!! GOOD LUCK!