Monday, March 15, 2010

The Garbage Will Not be Taken Out

Until minimally tomorrow morning.

Why, you inquire?

Well, I'll tell you. (Like you have a choice. This is my blog and I'm tellin' ya)

This afternoon, I was innocently making dinner (cottage cheese pancakes, french onion soup, and vegetable casserole bake thingy which is yum and will be good for Pesach) and there was a knock on my front door.

All the kids were playing in front so I wondered why they were knocking to come in.

Well it wasn't my kids, it was a neighbor's kid.

It seems that there is a half dead skunk in my backyard.

Initially they thought it was dead, but they changed their opinion. I didn't argue with them about it. Dead or half dead, it has to leave. my. yard.

So I called Animal Control and my neighbor who works at the alderman's office.

Then I threatened all the children who were in front (most of whom were not mine) that if they went anywhere near, even close to the backyard, they would be sent home. Immediately. No second chances.

Animal Control has not yet come. Deep, cleansing breaths.


Anonymous said...

ick on the skunk.
any chance of getting the recipes?

Shosh said...

we had skunks living under our deck and animal control wouldnt come. i should have killed the skunks, or at least severely wounded them. remind me for next time....

Miriam said...

Yuck Yuck Yuck! We also had skunks under our deck one time near sukkos- our landlord had to call someone to get them removed. I still get the "heeby geebies" thinking about skunks (or any animal for that matter) living in the backyard.

agent99 said...

At least the kids didn;t bring him inside and ask to keep the "kitty" as a pet!

hmmm, WV: ungers es

Shira said...

Ew, I HATE skunks. Which is why it was kind of weird that I dressed up Y as one for Purim. Maybe it way to get over my fear/disdain. But it did not work because looking at my picture of that skunk made me want to vomit. I hate them.