Friday, March 19, 2010

OK I've seriously, totally, 100% lost my mind

I don't even know why I am humiliating myself this way.

I guess because I think it's kinda funny. When you spend your days doing online tutorials of the bones and muscles of the torso and skull, you get kind of insane. (What's the muscle that allows you to raise and lower your yeah? It runs from the mastoid process to the sternum...)

So my upstairs bathroom sink was draining slowly for the past week or so. I'm sure there's some big ole nasty hairball in there. On Tuesday it stopped draining altogether. Well you all know that I'm cheap thrifty. I'd seen an "As Seen on TV" ad.

I has to work, right? So I headed out to CVS and bought one With my Extra Care Bucks, have no fear. You don't think I'd actually pay, did you? As I was driving home, I realized that this was a historic moment:

The first time I've bought an As Seen on TV item. Although I've heard that the onion chopper does work really well and I'm contemplating buying it for Pesach.

So I decided to video the inaugural use of an As Seen on TV item.

Seriously. I've lost my mind. I think I should ask everyone to just close their browser, or better yet, I should have some self respect and stop this post altogether. But it seems that I am like a car crash that I can't walk away from so I feel compelled to share this experience with all you, my little bloggy-friends.

And the car crash continues.

I just watched the videos. Seriously? What on earth is my problem? I'm clearly insane.

Oh. And Jacob's really funny. Check out his Bananagrams.

The plumber is currently upstairs fixing my sink.


Molly said...

First of all, I LOVE Jacob's Bananagrams. and your videos made me smile. "complete failure!" oy vey. It did sound too good to be true huh?

Molly said...

oh and don't worry. You're going crazy from too much anatomy and I'm starting to talk to everyone like they're one of my preschoolers. Because apparently, despite the fact that I am in college and have NO children, the majority of my life is spent studying or interacting with the under 3 crowd.
"Don't worry, you know mommy always comes back. I know you want the slide all to yourself, that must be frustrating. You want to go sleepy sleepies?"
Yeah. I'm so cool.

chaviva said...

exchange the snake for the vidalia onion chopper. i use it to make israeli salad, and love it. do not ever buy that shoes under thing. i bought it on impulse at CVS, big mistake it's a piece of garbage.

Stephanie said...

I do love my onion chopper! BTW, your voice doesn't sound like that at all. Do you have a cold?

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's Mommy from Israel the night before the chassunah. I just watched your videos and was laughing so hard Hershel asked what it was all about.

When I told him he said you should put the videos on UTube.

Hope you had a great Shabbos. Ours was beautiful. The Kotel on Shabbos afternoon!!!!

Love, Mommy

Raphi said...

Hey don't feel too bad, my mom bought the Turbo Snake too. (complete waste of time).
I'm just surprised you didn't order it from the commercials, because if you call the number on the screen within in the next ten minutes they will double your order!!! Yes, that's an $80 value for jut $5.99!!

Rayli said...

I think the bananagrams was his way of telling you that he needs a vacation. and after watching those videos maybe you do too! :)

All My Monkeys said...

Thanks so much for the product demo. Now I can tell my kids it doesn't work so stop bugging me. WHy do they put commercials for that kind of think on during cartoons? Really.

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

Thanks for the heads up. It has peaked my interest several times but haven't bought a Turbosnake yet..guess now I won't!