Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Purim a few days late!

So....Sunday was Purim. It was busy!!

Last night I was so exhausted that I went to bed at 8:30 pm!

First, let's start with our Mishloach Manos.

One fine Purim day
A pretty geisha, two pirates, and a baseball guy
Went out to play

At a picnic they decided to meet
But first they needed to decide what to eat.

Sushi, chose the geisha without delay
For sushi was her favorite food every day

The baseball guy chose peanuts and beer
For when you see that pair you know baseball is near

The pirates, they were very bold
Instead of food they wanted to bring their gold.

Well sushi and peanuts didn’t go so well together
So regular picnic food they decided to eat in the picnic weather

Brownies and lemonade, watermelon they did pack
This was surely a better picnic snack

But those sneaky little pirates, they did not care
They snuck in some gold coins for you to share

A Freilichin Purim from the P crew
A Happy Day from Us to You.

Happy Purim from the P Family
Benjie, Sara,
Baseball Guy Dovi,
Pirate Elisha, Geisha Shana, and Pirate Jakie

Now...moving on to the Mishloach Manos that we gave to the kids' teachers! Pretty cute, huh?

The most special part of the day for Dovi was when he got a visit from the Kids Of Courage guys. Every year, groups of guys come to Chicago on Purim to collect for various charitable causes. A group of boys came out to collect for the next Kids of Courage trip. They came to our house and really added to our day!


Chani said...

Adorable Sara!!! Happy Adar!!!

Shani said...

cute mishloach manos! The kids look adorable too!

galiah said...

I love the pix! how'd you get all your kids to come out so good IN THE SAME PICTURE??? (I'm assuming you didn't use photoshop...)

Miriam said...

Loved the shalach manos- Dovi seriously looks like the happiest boy ever surrounded by all the guys =)

DESJ and Company said...

Luck. Pure luck. I took about 20 pictures for that one though :)