Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Off to New York!

Tomorrow night, Dovi and I are off to New York...

he's going to a Camp Simcha Special Reunion-up at camp! He's so excited.

So am I. For him. But frankly I could do without an unnecessary trip to New York. Don't get me wrong, I'm very excited to be seeing my brothers/sisters in law/nieces/nephew. (sister? brother in law? nephews? Rebecca, will I be seeing you guys? Not sure how we'd pull that off)

But I really have zero, zip, zilch, NADA interest in the whole packing/shelpping/unpacking/repacking/more shlepping rigmarole that is entailed to transport Dovi anywhere.

Slight panic yesterday when we thought there might be an issue getting Dovi's portable oxygen concentrator, the Sequal Eclipse, the love of my life. I wish beyond belief that I had the $4,000 laying around to buy one of those suckers just to have. It's so difficult every time we travel to order it from home health. It's never simple and always a headache. At least it arrived today!

Basically, I'm flying Dovi to New York tomorrow night, we're sleeping at my brother's in New Jersey, and then I'm driving him to the bus up to camp on Friday morning. Chai Lifeline will bring him to the airport to me on Sunday.

Which means that I am my-child-free from Friday morning until Sunday night! Don't worry, it's not going to be so exciting. I'm planning on using that time to write my Anatomy/Physiology paper. Yes, I have to write a paper for A/P. Let's not even go there. I printed all my sources (guess what my topic is...) and will bring my laptop and hopefully pound out 8 pages on Sunday. It shouldn't be too hard. I...ahem...know the topic pretty well.

I'm sure I'll squeeeeeze a little trip to Daffy's in there (how's about Saturday night, Tams?), but all in all it will be a rather bizarre weekend for me.

But an awesome one for Dovi!

So it's all worth it.


agent99 said...

Safe travels to you both!

Rebecca said...

Hmmm...what's your schedule again? Maybe I shall rendezvous with you Motzei Shabbos? Or perhaps Sunday?

Yehudit said...

AAAAAAAH Daffy's - I was only there once but it stole my heart (and a lot of cash :) )

Miriam said...

Have a safe trip! And I think you know your topic of A/P like the back of your hand!