Thursday, November 26, 2009

December 17th

Guess what happens on December 17th?

It's a very exiting day for Mr. Dovi.

He's getting his braces off!!!!

Huh? You ask. Didn't he just get them on last summer?

Why yes, he did get his uppers on over the course of last summer. A few brackets here, a few brackets there.

Then he got a tooth pulled this past summer to make a bit more room.

And let me tell you, those upper teeth look beautiful. Straight and perfect. Seriously amazing when we remember where he came from. I might ahve to ask the orthodontist for before and afters to show you all.

Well Dovi still doesn't have his bottom braces.

And he's not getting them.

We (and his wonderful orthodontist) have decided that the effort, pain, and frustration that will come along with the lower braces far, far, FAR outweighs the benefit that he would get from them. We'd have to pull at least three more teeth and put bands and brackets on every one of his teeth. Yikes. That would be absolutely terrifying.

So we're calling it.

Yes, he has an itty bitty crossbite.

Yes, one of his bottom teeth is not even-it's a bit behind the others.

Yes, it could be better.

But sometimes, you've gotta be happy with good enough.

And when Dovi smiles at you, his teeth look good enough. And good enough is good enough for us to not put Dovi through hours and hours of torture.

So on December 17th, Dovi's getting his braces off.

He is SO excited.


Raphi said...


WriterGrrl said...

heh. that's my birthday. :-)

Shosh said...

i have an overbite. and im alright. for the most part. :)

Chani said...

Oh that is exciting!! B"H! no more scratching & bleeding from poky brackets! He does have a gorgeous smile KA"H!! Pls pass on my mazal tov to him on this special occasion!

Miriam said...

YAY! Soooo exciting!

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

Yay Dovi! Jaquelyn just recently got her tongue crib out and I have yet to post about it. She was over the moon that she gets gum and popcorn again. She went through about 10 pieces of gum on the way home from the orthodontist.

Galiah said...

That is awesome!!!
I kinda have a feeling Kovy will need orthodontic work at some point down the line-- and I guess we'll have to decide what to do then... (when you say "braces" to him right now he looks down at his legs...)