Monday, November 2, 2009


Something very exciting occurred at our house on Sunday (well Benjie would argue that it was the installation of the new home theater system...speaking of which-are any of my readers good electronic tech-y people? We're having a few snafus with said home theater system...but no, I'm not here to blog about home theater systems)

So what was so exciting?

Dovi had a play date.

On Shabbos, Dovi informed me that he wanted to invite his buddy Seth over on Sunday "we watch da Bear game, Mommy".

So we called Seth on Sunday morning.

Wait, wait, I need to back up a tad. Seth is not a Keshet kid. Seth is a regular old kid from Schechter-who happens to love Dovi, and Dovi feels the same way. Through the years of awesome, incredible inclusion between the Keshet and Schechter kids, Dovi has managed to make himself some real, true friends.

And Seth is one of them.

So we called Seth. He wasn't home. We left a message.

His mom called back (speaking of which, didn't Sunday morning feel like it just went on forever? It had to be because of the time change. I'm telling you-at 10:30 am it felt like it had to be at least 3 in the afternoon). She said Seth was thrilled to come.

He came at about noonish, and stayed until 4:30. They watched the Bears game and played Wii.

Benjie and I always say that you can tell how parents raise their children by how they behave towards Dovi. And let me tell you, Seth's parents are doing something right.

He is so incredibly lovely to Dovi. Dovi tries, but he is really not a "normal" almost twelve year old boy. He's really more like a six or seven year old. But Seth? Totally gets Dovi. Totally cool with it when Dovi decided that he needed to lay down for a bit with his num num while watching the game. Exclaimed excitedly over Dovi's new Nikes that I picked up for him today (Famous Footwear, BIGI 50% off + 10% off entire purchase coupon-you don't think I'd just go in and buy a pair of shoes, do you?).

He was just so incredibly lovely. And what was really cool was that they are really friends-he wasn't just being nice to Dovi-he really likes him (you like me, you really, really like me! points to those who identify where that was said, and by whom).

Dovi had a fabulous day.

So did we.


porushmom said...

Hurray for Seth and his parents!I'm so glad Dovi had such a great day. Lucky bonus for Dovi that the Bears won. I also want to thank the ice cream fairy who came to my house on Sunday.

Shosh said...

sally field oscar acceptance speech...dont know what it was for though.

and that is just so amazing. good to know that at least some people are still raising their kids right these days. :)

chaviva said...

That is so nice. I love hearing stories like that. Yay for Dovi and Yay for Seth!

Rayli said...

that is so nice!!!!

Stephanie said...

wasn't it for places in the heart?

Nahum said...

Please remind your faithful readers what the reference is.
Sounds like a lovely experience for all.

ahuva said...

How fun!
I am glad Dovi had a great day with his "buddy" and you guys shepped a little...

BTW, I think it was for Norma Rae but I could be wrong.


Galiah said...

warms my heart to hear about great kids and great ppl raising great kids...
may we all be zoche to meet them (and/or raise them!)

WriterGrrl said...

Totally with you on knowing how people rear their kids based on their treatment of ours. Totally happy (and, truth be told, totally jealous) for Dovi and you. Totally waiting for you to post about sushi. :-)

Anonymous said...

love that story.

Yehudit said...

That is really beautiful - actually made my tears water as I read it. Don't you wonder how our own kids would stand up to the test?

Miriam said...

Awsome! I love Seth already and I don't even know him! My prayer is that my child would pass this test as well.

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

OOOOOOO!!! That was Angelica from the rugrats. When she thought she was moving and the other babies started remembering when they had first met!!!
Am I right or is there another show where they say that? You have to let me know if I happen to be correct!!

That is totally cool about Seth and Dovi.

DESJ and Company said...

Shosh was right-Sally Field.
Heidi-methinks that Angelica was channeling Sally Field :)