Monday, November 23, 2009

An Obsession Confession

My name is Sara.

And I am inappropriately obsessed with:



Velour Yoga Pants.

I cannot get enough of them.

Whenever I go to my favorite store (10 points, or a bottle of kechup, whichever your preference, to the first person who names my current favorite storethatisnotJewel), all I have draped over my arm are those two types of clothing.

It's rather ridiculous considering that I do not wear pants out of the house, unless you count tucked into my Uggs under a long black skirt.

My hoodie obsession is bordering on inappropriate. Yesterday was grey velour. Today was navy terry. Friday was black sweater. It's ridiculous.

I always complain to Benjie that I have nothing to wear.

I'm beginning to think that it's not that I have no clothing. It's because I constantly buy the same items over and over again in slightly different versions.

But then again, maybe hoodies are my signature look? Jackie O had her sunglasses, Sara P has her hoodies? That's gotta be it.

And I must say that wearing velour yoga pants and a terry hoodie while drinking red zinger out of my monogrammed mug while your kids happily eat their tuna quiche, salad, and veggie rice is rather lovely and Susie-Homemakery.

And it's also much more relaxing to drink my red zinger now that I don't feel like I need to ration it. I'm plowing through box 1 out of 6 at a steady clip.

Hooray for Hoodies!

Hooray for Velour Yoga Pants!

Hooray for Red Zinger!

I promise that I'll share the P for Dummies book soon. But really, it's not so exciting. Don't get all excited over it. I'm also just very lazy, and my camera is currently full with 9 months of pictures that need to be uploaded to Snapfish so as to empty my memory card and take pictures of P for Dummies. Yes, Shosh, I still have not emptied my camera. I'm clearly mother of the year.


Rach said...


Anonymous said...

the thrift shop!!!!! i win.

Anonymous said...

i am the anonymous - i win - you can give me my prize when i come tomorrow night!! love ya, tamar

Rach said...

Tamar- I am sorry. but since i named the thrift by name and really like ketchup- i think i win :)

DESJ and Company said...

Rach and Tamar-
B/c I'm a generous chick I'll give you both the bottle of condiment of your choice.
You are such smart girls.

Shosh said...

i cant judge. i may have purim 2009 uploaded from my camera, but i do not have anything past september 2007 printed or put into albums. yes, that is right. Thre is no evidence of T's life represented in our albums. so dont feel bad. we shall accept our mommy of the year awards together.

agent99 said...

I knew it was the thrift store, but did you mention it by name?Hmmm, I wonder how hard it would be to make french terry pants into a skirt? Just sayin'...
miss you - been busy with the new jobs..

much love

JewishMama said...

I guessed totally wrong as I was thinking Marshalls. I love doing the Food 4 less-Marshalls-Sam's combo on Main.

Shira said...

I have nothing in albums past Y's bris...And Sara, yes, YOU are "very lazy"...How could you not find the time between school and couponing and raising children to upload 9 months worth of pictures? Shame.

Nahum said...

I totally get the hoodie thing - today is pink sweater, maybe tomorrow black velour.
Oh and I also got Unique, just didn't write it. Maybe Tamar can bring back some ketchup for me.

Miriam said...

Oh man- I was totally going to say Unique! Everyone got here before me because I was actually busy working this morning- go figure!

Anonymous said...

Shoot... I wish I would have checked earlier I would have said Unique and The Sally Army!
Can I win a box of Cheez-Its? My new obsession:)
Salena aka (The one at Keshet who told you about the Sally Army)

Miriam said...

Hi Salena!! I <3 The Salvation Army! Great store. I (gasp) haven't been to a thrift store in (gasp) a couple of months- because I have been sooooo busy. Must. get . there.

JewishMama said...

I like the idea of dirt cheap stuff, but aren't you afraid of taking something a little "extra" home? (Like bugs?!)

DESJ and Company said...

I wash everything at least once before I wear it-sometimes twice. So far, so good.

Anonymous said...

I have never brought home anything in the, dare I admit, 17 years I have been thrifting:) I also wash/dry clean (CD 1 Price cleaners) items. Sometimes it costs more to dry clean than the actual item.

JM try it! The store on Dempster is like a goldmine (not sure where your live). I also sell what I find on Ebay. Once you turn $10 into $400; you won't look back!

Miriam get yourself to Unique, on Monday of course:)

SP (no last name:) thanks for letting us use comments as a discussion forum:)

DESJ and Company said...

glad you all are enjoying yourselves.