Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Go. Just Go.

If you live in Chicago

and eat bread

and buy said bread

and like to save money

and even if you don't

then please, please, PLEASE just listen to what I'm going to tell you.

Choose one Monday.

Go to the Entemenn's outlet. Shosh has blogged about it in the past. I thought I had blogged about it in the past but cannot seem to find it so pretend that I did.

Buy bread.

Save lots and lots of money.

Why a Monday, you ask? Well the Entemenn's outlet gives you a punch on a card for every $5 that you spend. When you fill up the card you get $5 off your next purchase. Well, Monday is double punch day. So you get $10 of punches for every $5 you spend. Nice.

What do they sell at the Entemenn's outlet?

Arnold's bread
Brownberry bread/buns
Weight Watchers products
Entemenns yumminess
Thomas' products

They also have something called the counter special, which is a specific item for $.50 with any other purchase, no limit. Be still my heart.

AND they give you free product for every $10 you spend.

Basically, they keep throwing stuff at you.

Today, I bought:

16 loafs Arnold's bread (yes, I have a deep freeze)
6 bags mini bagels
3 boxes Pop'ems (which are popping right onto my thighs as I type)
2 bags hot dog buns
2 bags Thomas' english muffins

I paid $19.88 for 27 bags of bread products.

The bread was the counter special. So the bread was $.50 a loaf! Cannot. be. beaten. Ever. Trust me. I've tried.
Pop'ems were counter special as well so $.50 per box. Ahem. Usually...what? $3.79 per box. Ha.
English Muffins were free item with each $10 purchase) she was nice and gave me a second bag even though I was at $19.88.

So really.

Even if you say you have no time to coupon. I totally get that. So send the hubby. Go on the way to work. Drag the kids.

Just go.

I figure I had about $150 worth of bread. For $19.88. Oh and I filled up my card so next time I go will be $5 less.

But I figure I won't be going until after Pesach.


chaviva said...

The counter bread was kosher - i think i need to check my vision cuz i couldn't find the hechsher when i was there yesterday. but i still came away with lots of stuff for little money.

porushmom said...

Where is the closest outlet to us? I can always use bread and the kids are always looking for goodies at my house and I have been lacking in that department! Thanx for the great tip!

Anonymous said...

Call me a softie, or go and flame away, but I like giving Jewish businesses, like our bakeries, a shot. Especially if they're down the block. Just my 2 cents (which you could use to buy 29 jars of mayo with, BTW)

David Brand

Anonymous said...

when the jewish bakery starts giving me $5 off for every $10 I buy and runs counter specials for $.50 a loaf of bread, iwill start shopping there too. Until then, i'd stick with the outlet idea. You are luckier than us - the outlet in NJ does not have as many specials and promotions going on but everything is $1 a loaf/bag so it's still pretty good.

rabgars said...

I am trying to coupon, but I get so frustrated as I try to actually find the products that the coupons are for - and then keep all of my coupons in order so I can actually find them in the store. Any suggestions?!
Auntie Sara

DESJ and Company said...

There are 2 Entemenns outlets-one by Golf Mill and one by Addison and the Kennedy.

Auntie Sara-
You need to start small. I did just CVS for about 6 months. Save your coupon circulars (either clipped and organized or whole). Then, find a blog (bargainbriana is a good starter blog) and she will outline very speicfically what to buy/where to find the coupons for each week. Follow her directions and you will be fully stocked in free or almost free toiletries within a few months.
If you choose to clip your coupons, you can buy a small coupon file (I found one at the dollar section of Target this summer) and file the coupns by type-ie toiletries, cereal, baking, etc etc etc.
I personally keep all my circulars whole b/c I have too many to clip and file-I clip as I need-b/c I very rarely buy anything anymore unless it's a deal-except for the sushi fixins I need to get for dinner for AM on Thur :)
Choose CVS or Walgreens. They're both good to start at.