Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hello? Hello? Anyone out there?

Are there any of my loyal readers left?

After all I haven't blogged in almost a week! Horrors!

I wish I could say it was because I was off vacationing in some amazing spa.

Alas, it's just life.

Sunday was Dovi's birthday dinner out. We went to a yummy Israeli restaurant. Dovi (and Elisha) got chicken nuggets. Shana got a hot dog. My apparently only smart child, Jacob, got a steak sandwich. Goofballs.

I had a chemistry test on Monday, which I successfully argued a question to be correct. People in college or who know chemistry: What is the maximum valence capacity of phosphorus? Comment your answer and I'll explain what went down. All I know is that my class loves me now because I got everyone points.

Tuesday was my kids' school book fair. It was a blast but I was at school literally for over NINE hours.

Wednesday I had book fair wrap up, school for me, and then PT for Dovi, and then Jewel for like two hours. It's a process I tell ya.

And today is today and here I am blogging.

I'm happy to report that:

  • Dovi had a rocking birthday. He got a Patrick Kane jersey from my mom which seems to be the coolest gift a 12 year old can get.

  • I ordered and received SIX boxes of red zinger tea from Amazon. Then one of my loyal readers emailed me that she found it. At a store less than five miles from my house. But no matter, I'm stocked in red zinger for a while. Speaking of which, I'll go make a cup now.

  • I'm sure no one noticed, but I have a request to make. I've decided that there are some nut jobs out there. None of you guys, my lovely readers, but there are some loony toons out there (the woman I saw by my school who was wearing gloves on her feet comes to mind). So I decided to take my last name off my blog. Now 99.9% of you know me in real life and can stroll on over to visit me. But in order to attempt to retain some level of privacy (kind of an oxymoron being as I blog), I no longer want my last name out there. So do me a favor and if you comment, don't write my last name. And DJ? Please call me Sara. It's making me nervous. I'm not a Mrs.

Hmmm I think that's all for now. Tomorrow I'm blogging on my "P Family for Dummies" book and all that jazz.


Doris said...

Phosphorus is funny. I'd say generally speaking valence of 5, but I think you can push it to 6.

chaviva said...

welcome back. I've missed you this week.
Wow - i loved chemistry and was really good at it, but now remember zero of it. pathetic i tell you.
BTW - I highly recommend Lipton cinammon apple tea, it's yummy.

Shosh said...

No prob, Mrs. P

Doris said...

I got distracted by the phosphorus question and then didn't get down to the part that you are freaked out about people who are reading your blog who you don't know. So as an intro - I'm Doris, I don't know you IRL, but I found you via Writer Grrl who I stumbled upon - how, I now forget - and then I was so impressed with your coupon savvy and special needs parenting skills, going to nursing school and learning about a Jewish family that I just stuck around. I hope you aren't too freaked out.

Shira said...

Um, what on earth is maximum valence capacity? I'm sure I learned it once upon a time because I did make it through nursing school, but I have no recollection of it. Here's the good news about whatever it is, you do not have to know it to be a nurse :)

Miriam said...

Umm.. yeah- chemistry was so never my thing. Biology yes- but definitly not chemistry!

DESJ and Company said...

OK here we are:

Phosphorus has 5 valence electrons. But the maximum capacity of a valence shell is 8. So the question was "what is the maximum valence capacity of an atom of phosphorus?" We all answered 5. Because phosphorus can only take 5. He wanted 8. Becuase A valence shell can hold 8 electrons. Umm that was a very unclear question. Which I argued. And won.
hee hee

Anonymous said...

Sara, looks like you combined your ability to argue with the cashiers with some chemistry. Nice to get comments on your blog, right? Hint, hint.

David B

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

I haven't been on my blog practically all week either. I managed a "Not Me! Monday" and haven't been on again since. It just seems like life gets in the way sometimes.
So glad to hear you got some tea!! It's the simple things I tell ya.
Great job on winning your argument with your chemistry prof. That is *always* a good day!
While I know what your last name is from reading your blog and Shosh's, I would rarely have occasion to use it and totally understand your want for a small bit of anonymity out here in bloggy land. I hope I am not considered one of the loony toons since I have made myself so "at home" on your blog & comment area while never having met you (other than through blogging that is). You can totally tell me to back off if I get too weird! (weird runs in our family I think...that's what the kids always say!)

Molly said...

Talk to me when you need to dispute a psychology test :-)

and I don't know you IRL, seeing as how I am in NYC. but I'm not a crazy stalker, I promise. I have people who can vouch. hehe.

Also, I was watching praying with lior and it got me thinking about Dovi and his bar mitzvah. how will you modify things for him? None of the boys I work with are old enough to start preparing, but I cannot wait until its their day!

Anonymous said...

oh, good, you're back! i thought maybe you were busy planning the bar mitzvah!

that whole chemistry thing is waaaaay over my head (aren't valences those things that go over a window?), but hurray for you getting everyone some extra points on the test!

i'd LOVE to be able to stroll over and visit you, but for now i guess i'll have to be satisfied with reading your blog.

and, oh, guess who used their 20% off everything in the store card at cvs on sunday - and earned mucho extra bucks in the process???(but then had to spend half of her extra bucks to buy a digital thermometer to check the temperatures of her sick kids all week?)


Arica said...

Welcome back! Just wanted to say I like the teaser! I have been anticipating the "P" family for dummies blog! Can't wait!

Ahuva said...

We missed you!
I thought of you this week because I got four extra bucks at CVS for buying 2 advil (I am embarrassed to say that I didn't used to pay attention to these things until I started reading your blog).
And now that I have read your latest post, I am almost sort of in the mood for tea, which I normally detest, because of the unbridled joy that it seems to bring you.
So don't say you aren't out there changing the world- one reader at a time, my friend!

OK, gotta go have my coffee now.

Ahuva B. (see, no last name for me either!)

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday Dovi. Sara - I heard I just missed you and Benjie at my inlaws - hopefully we will each other soon at happier times.

Chani said...

glad to see your taking to some privacy, it definitely is a scary world - my friend just told me that somebody was impersonating them online (on a forum for mothers & created a blog - taking pics from their facebook & blog) for a yr & half & they had no clue!!! Im so spooked now! Hope you can find a way to still enjoy your blog & be safe!
Sounds like Dovi had a nice B-day! Wishing you all the best!