Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Well maybe I should blog

about Dovi's Bar Mitzvah...

It was amazing. Unforgettable. Completely surpassed my wildest dreams.

Let's start with Tuesday night, when my lovely friends Estie and Becca (with a visit by Rebecca) helped me set up all my pretties. By the time we left the shul, it looked like this

I did most of the craftiness myself...I covered all the glassware with pretty brown papers until they looked like this

I made the table numbers-I stamped the table number on 1 piece of paper, and put a picture of Dovi on the other side. I found amazing frames at Ikea which I sprayed to match the Bar Mitzvah (brown of course)
I also made the placecards myself (well with a little help from a friend...) and made 3 photoboards to hold the placecards. I clipped the placecards to the large frames that were filled with pictures of Dovi. When it was done they looked like this:

As cards were removed, you could see all the gorgeous pictures of Dovi that Amy had taken. Sorry the picture is blurry-I took it with my cell phone.

The benchers looked like this:

I also made napkin rings for each napkin, and folded each napkin to fit. Look back at the set tables and you can see them.

So I was ready to roll...the room looked pretty and we were ready for the guests!

Wednesday to come....


Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh - I just realized I never took a bencher! Please bring for me!

Anonymous said...

is it crazy that i was there starting first thing on wednesday and i'm still anxiously awaiting your blog as if i don't know what happened? love ya - can't wait to see you on sunday.

Anonymous said...

very very cruel!!

i'll be refreshing all day...the craftiness is amazing, but i want to see more!


galiah said...

i LOVE your creativity!! beautiful decor and handiwork!! although i have a creative streak myself, i'm definitely going to have to get lessons from you before my crew's bar mitzvas iy"H...

Anonymous said...

TOTALLY AMAZING!! You should have heard the gasps and praises for you made by the place cards board as more of the pictures were revealed! It was just soo special from start to finish. Mazel Tov and may Has-hem bless you with all good things! (WOW what energy u have...)Aviva L. Enjoy NY!!!